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From #CowardModi to #BoycottIndia: 5 anti-India trends on Twitter Pakistan

#CowardModi and 4 more anti-India trends in Pakistan

#CowardModi and 4 more anti-India hashtags trend in Pakistan

After continuous violations of Line Of Control (LOC) by Indian Army, Pakistanis including some politicians (who are obviously not in government now-a-days) started tweeting against Indian PM Modi as #CowardModi, targeted Indian forces as #IndiaIsTerrorist, and boycotted bollywood as #SayNoToBollywood on Twitter Paksitan. People went more furious as Indian forces violated LOC again today near Sialkot. Even hackers from India and Pakistan started hacking website, Pakistan People’s Party’s website was hacked by Indian hackers today.

During all this, in almost 8 hours, five anti-India hashtags started trending on Twitter in Pakistan.

What are the trending hashtags and their number of tweets?

#CowardModi – 16,171 tweets

#FreeKashmirFromIndia – 10,855 tweets

#SayNoToBollywood – 6,730 tweets

#IndiaIsTerrorist – 5,596 tweets

#BoycottIndia – 4,505 tweets

What Pakistani Tweeters said using #CowardModi and other hashtags?



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