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Coke Brings FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour To Pakistan

Football may be a relatively new love of this cricket crazy nation but it’s too intense to be ignored. On the match day Pakistani twitter is filled with banter among the fans of rival teams and tweets with predictions for the game. Some football enthusiasts don’t even wait for the match day and talk about their teams throughout the week. But as much as we love football, Pakistan is nowhere to be seen on the international football scene. This fact is disappointing for the Pakistani football fans. Because for them, just watching the international clubs play is not enough, they want to see a team of their own country playing their favourite sports.

Many new teams qualified for the next FIFA world cup but Pakistan was not one of them. To treat the saddened fans of football in Pakistan, Coke decided to bring the FIFA trophy to Pakistan for a tour.

Coke is not only the favourite cold drink of Pakistanis, it is also the name that has brought us happiness on various occasions. Coke promotes many sports and football is one of them. By bringing the FIFA 2018 trophy to Pakistan, Coke will be promoting a soft image of Pakistan. By seeing the real image of Pakistan, the international community will form a favourable opinion about our country. This is another of Coke’s steps taken to ensure a positive image of Pakistan.

The FIFA football world cup trophy will reach 91 cities in 51 countries, and Pakistan will be one of them. The FIFA 2018 trophy will reach Pakistan on 3rd February. It will be a remarkable moment for Pakistan and will help send a positive message to the world that we are peaceful and we love sports just as much as every other nation.

Football has a promising future in Pakistan and such events will substantiate that very fact in the most practical way.

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