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    China launches satellite giving Pakistan access to its GPS

    As tensions between China and USA grow over the Corona virus, China’s version of Global Positioning System (GPS), the Beidou-3 System has finally been launched. On 23rd June 2020, the satellite was deployed from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

    China is now one of the 4 countries in the world which have their own global navigation satellite systems. The project BeiDou-3 is named after the Big Dipper constellation and took almost 20 years to complete. This allows China independence from having to rely on US satellites orbiting the atmosphere, for GPS.

    China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs appreciates the military independence that comes with the prestige: this system will exclusively provide military advantage to China. All ballistic and cruise missiles can be shift to the BeiDou system. The BeiDou System can also attack an opposer’s access without hindering its own.

    Chinese BeiDou Navigation System can be a substitute for US satellites in Pakistan

    Pakistan and China have maintained healthy economic relations over the years. Projects such as CPEC opened new frontiers in our decade long, well-preserved relations. Pakistan has already announced that it’ll switch to Beidou-3. Reportedly, Pakistan is the first country to have gained access to the Chinese BeiDou Navigation System. In 2014, a network for BeiDou-2 was setup in Karachi and the navigation facilities were utilized at the Karachi Harbor for ship navigation.

    Pakistan army has welcomed the BeiDou Navigation System and is willing to use it for more precise guidance of ships, missiles and aircraft. Keeping in mind Pakistan’s volatile relations with the US, having access to our own navigation system for military use is definitely reassuring. The extra layer of security and prestige for Pakistan can go a long way in our foreign relations with several countries.

    Satellite navigation has become an important part of national security for any country. Considering Pakistan has exceptional trade relations with China: we have bought aircraft, submarines, warships and other specialized military equipment, our reliance on BeiDou is expected to increase.

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