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    People Question the Law & Order Situation As Another Careem Captain Gets Killed in the Twin Cities

    There are many illegal and immoral ways to earn money. And they are very tempting. But there are still many people who get up every day and go to work to earn their livelihood honestly. Some people work more than one jobs to make both ends meet. But the world we live in is a cruel place and more often than not innocents become the victims of its cruelty.

    The Killings:

    At 10:35 pm on Monday, a driver of Careem was killed in a car snatching incident in Rawalpindi. Sajawal Ameer is the second victim of such brutality as another Careem captain, Junaid Mustafa, was killed in a similar incident a few days ago. After the killing, Careem issues a statement urging authorities to take measures to protect innocent lives. The statement further said, “Every member of the Careem family, Captains, Customers, and Colleagues, are equally pained and request you to please pray for the departed soul.”

     Something Should Be Done:

    The fact that this was the second incident of car snatching in a month says a lot about the law and order situation in the twin cities. Authorities’ silence is also disappointing. Does human life have so little value that it can be taken away by anyone anytime they want? The brutal murder of Sajawal Ameer leaves us with many questions but the number one question is why aren’t out authorities doing anything? And more importantly, will they continue to be ignorant of the people’s sufferings? The government and security officials should sit together and devise a proper security plan to ensure this never happens again.

    No More Sajawal Ameer, No More Junaid Mustafa:

    No person should have to lose their life when all they are doing is just earning their keep. The law enforcement agencies have to make sure there are no more Sajawal Ameer and Junaid Mustafa. People are raising their voice on Twitter against this injustice and urging the law enforcement agencies to take action.

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