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    10 Tweets by @NewsParodyPK That Will Leave You in Stitches

    There are a lot of accounts on Twitter for the various media houses of Pakistan. Usually, these accounts publish news stories as they happen. With the abundant presence of news on Twitter, there is a need for a parody account that makes light of all the serious situations we keep seeing on television.

    1. Okay, this is just straight shade at Geo.

    2. If you hadn’t heard, the CIA released some of the data that was in Osama Bin Laden’s computers and this is what Broken News had to say about it.

    3. As a nation, we love conspiracy theory but damn, this makes sense if you think about it.

    4. When Pakistan and Sri Lanka had a very intense match, Broken News provided a bit of comic relief with this tweet.

    5. A reaffirmation of Donald Trump’s fake news trope.

    6. I feel personally attacked by this tweet because I am a Lahori.

    7. I can actually imagine Nawaz Sharif saying this.

    8. This was just painful.

    9. I don’t think any gif could represent more accurately what actually happened.

    10. Ah yes, thank God for preservatives and chemicals for making ketchup cheap while tomato prices are on the rise.


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