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    Blue Whale Allegedly Tried to Make This Pakistani Girl Play Their Dangerous Challenge

    Blue Whale has started biting even outside the ocean. The game is known for 50 challenges that a player takes and last challenge is about suicide mission and if they bail, their family will be harmed, just like the movie Nerve.  Who would’ve thought, there will be a real game like that in 2017 and it’ll hit the Asian region? Well after India the game has reached Pakistan. There has been a report from Peshawar that on 13th September two players approached a psychiatrist after being depressed by the Blue Whale Challenge. One of them is an IT expert and he was ‘just checking’ the game. Gladly they were on time and their lives were saved. The same doctor saved another girl from dying as she was asked to complete her last challenge by the Blue Whale Curator of killing herself.

    Another girl from Lahore has mentioned that she got an email from an anonymous sender.

    When she replied to the email as “I am not interested” the reply was even more threatening as the sender said if she won’t play the game, they will use her number to allow any other player to participate in the game. They had her exact number. How disturbing it must have been for her!

    Well, she was brave enough to report the case to the authorities and even got the FIA involved.

    This is just so worrying that even if this is just a hoax and the email is not from Blue Whale Game, some people out there still have our email address and our number and they can make us do anything with that. Youngsters are urged to not reply to any email like this and if you receive any email regarding any suspicious activity in future, please do not forget to report it to the legal authorities by calling at 0800-39393.

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    The game is coming out with other names “A Sea of Whales”, “Wake me up at 4:20 am” & “The Silent House”. Please look out for your friends and family lest they fall prey to this game.

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