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“My dad is sad”—The Power of a Viral Tweet

One fine morning, a Twitter user Billy tweeted pictures of his father with the caption, “My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new Donut shop.” The pictures showed Billy’s father standing behind an cash counter of an empty shop and another picture with a “Grand Opening” banner displayed at the front of the store.

The tweet was soon spotted by a lot of Twitter users and it quickly generated thousands of likes and retweets, with people asking Billy the address of the Donut Shop. It wasn’t long before the shop started attracting a lot of customers, which resulted in all the donuts being sold out the very next day.

What’s more, even Twitter started rallying support for the donut shop and paid a visit…

As soon the story went viral, it was soon picked up by local news channels, celebrities and various social media influencers…

Billy then changed his username to “Billy’s Donuts” and garnered almost 15,000 followers. This is specifically why there may be some sceptics to this story, calling it a nothing but a marketing gimmick.

Whatever may be the case, the power of social media was indeed on full display and we can certainly be sure that Billy’s dad isn’t sad anymore.

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