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Does your barber know about the danger of re-using shaving equipment?

Barber Hygiene Pakistan
Image By Faizul Latif Chowdhury

Pakistani males need to keep a check on their barbers’ knowledge about Hepatitis and how re-using shaving equipment can be really dangerous. One of the key causes for Hepatitis infection is unsafe/ unscreened blood transfusion where the tiniest drop of contaminated blood can spread the disease. Similar to the re-using of needles & syringes, unsafe barber shaving can also lead to Hepatitis transmission. This is where barbers, not knowing the real risks, re-use the same blades, razor, towel & brushes on multiple people. More importantly, the risk of blood borne transmission is amplified by the lack of relevant knowledge that barbers and their clients possess and this multiplies the risk of infection.

The Health Foundation is an organization focused on prevention of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Pakistan. They have recently launched a movement to educate barbers and general pubic about Hepatitis and its connection with unhygienic use of syringes, razors, toothbrushes, towels etc.

Barber Hygiene Pakistan
Image By Peretz Partensky
5 alarming facts about Hepatitis and Pakistan shared by The Health Foundation are:

– Every 12th person in Pakistan is suffering from either Hepatitis B or C.

– Pakistan also ranks 2nd highest in world prevalence for Hepatitis B & C.

– Hepatitis is the 8th biggest cause for deaths globally.

– Every 30 seconds someone dies from Hepatitis in the Asia Pacific region.

– The death rate from Hepatitis is 3 times more the HIV/ AIDS.

Here’s how Hepatitis can be prevented and controlled:

– Don’t re-use shaving razors.

– Vaccinate yourself and your children, Hepatitis B vaccine protect those who need it.

– Don’t use others toothbrush or Miswaak.

– Use standardized disposable syringes only.

– Hepatitis vaccination prevents new transmission

We hope that this program will help in educating barbers on massive level to ensure the impact reached to the common men.

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