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Pakistani Celebrities Supporting Salman Khan Could Not Spare A Tweet for Shahid Afridi

Although there is something always going on in the Indian and Pakistani twitterverse, the last couple of days have been crazier than usual. There is no denying the fact that the people of both countries want peace. They don’t view each other as enemies. But it is also true that there are a few issues that need to be solved before India and Pakistan can become friendly neighbors. And the biggest issue among them is the issue of Kashmir. The news coming from the valley for the past few weeks has been worrisome for everyone. Over the last weekend, 20 people were killed by the Indian forces.

Shahid Afridi’s Sane Demand:

After the clashes between Indian forces and Kashmiris, Shahid Afridi made a simple demand to the United Nations in this tweet:

All hell broke loose after Afridi’s tweet. Indian media called him an ISI agent and Indian cricketers and celebrities started attacking Afridi on Twitter for speaking up for the innocent Kashmiris.

After seeing all the hatred Shahid Afridi was getting from Indian cricketers, Ahmed Shahzad tweeted this to show the world the difference between Shahid Afridi and Indian cricketers:

Shehzad Roy also tweeted saying how Afridi’s tweet echo his sentiments.

But it is sad to note that against the united front of Indian cricketers and celebrities, there weren’t many Pakistani cricketers and celebrities’ tweets in support of Shahid Afridi.

The Verdict Against Salman Khan:

The situation, however, was completely the opposite when the news of Salman Khan getting imprisoned for five years went viral on Twitter. Pakistani celebrities from all walk of life tweeted in support of Salman Khan.

But thankfully we still have some voices here that are not fooled by the light of stardom and know the right questions to ask:

The Twisted Trends of the Internet:

The internet is a wild place. The rules of real life don’t apply to the internet. The concept of good and bad works differently in this realm. Why is it that Pakistani celebrities failed to come forward in numbers to support the rightful demand of Shahid Afridi but expressed their sadness over Salman Khan’s imprisonment straight away? George Orwell said in 1984: “If there is hope it lies in the Proles”, so here is hoping that the common people will call out the celebrities for their hypocrisy.

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