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Twittistaan is a storyteller, the one that will bring to you the stories of the courageous people who steadfastly made their way to a bright future and did not pay heed to society’s judgmental eyes.

You must be accustomed to reading the unreadable, assuming the incomprehensible to be the best and all the complicated and pretentious things that about us pages tell you or at least try to do so. Well, not with us, we are simple, like the stories we tell that begin from the northern mountains of our country and echo in the dry, deserted deserts of Thar.

Twittistaan is dedicated to producing the quality content for Pakistanis that they rightly deserve.

It is a microphone from which emerges the unheard tales of those who are living their passions, realizing their dreams and moving forward to make the impossible possible.

We urge you to join us on this journey because this is the roller coaster ride of emotions you don’t want to miss.