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Aakhri Station: A Heartbreaking Mini Series Creating Social Awareness in Every Episode

Kashf Foundation was founded in 1996 by Roshaneh Zafar for the sole purpose of putting up a fight against poverty in Pakistan with the help of providing people with financial as well as non-financial services.

“I think we cannot solve any problems without making the public aware of it. Once our people have awareness, they will do what needs to be done to address our social, cultural and societal problems, and they will do so willingly, with sensitivity, understanding, and sincerity. We are a nation of very smart people but do need to be fully aware of the problems that plague our society before we can work on solving them.”
– Roshaneh Zafar

There are only a handful of foundations in the nation that actually care about the perspective the citizens of Pakistan have of the women that live here. Having been promised equal rights as citizens, women hardly receive what is their right. Kashf Foundation has found a different approach towards impacting the minds of everyone in this nation, including every man, woman, and child.

Not Your Average Masala TV

The much-anticipated drama serial Aakhri Station is currently airing on ARY Digital. It isn’t anything like the regular masala serials we all watch with our families in the evenings, no. This drama serial deals with reality. It is the gutsiest and daring show to have aired on Pakistani television in quite some time.

This show was created by Kashf Foundation to create awareness among people about what women go through every day. Their struggles, their battles, and their tears are now out there for every family to see in perhaps the only way they can learn to empathize, through television.

Sanam Saeed in Aakhri Station

Sanam Saeed in Aakhri Station

Trusting the Viewers with the Truth

Pakistani cinema has mistreated its viewers for a very long time by undermining their intelligence to understand things that were bigger than them. Perhaps that is the only reason why most of the shows we find on TV are created purely for the sake of entertainment. Pakistani viewers are better than that and Akhri Station respects their intellect by showing them episode after episode stories that are based on real issues such as prostitution, depression, violence, mental health, AIDS and drug addiction. How often, I ask, do you see drama serials based on these issues? This would be a second time, after Udaari which was based on child abuse, yet another gem created by Kashf Foundation earlier last year in 2017.

Eman Suleman in drama Aakhri Station on ARY Digital

Eman Suleman in Aakhri Station

In The Anticipation of What is Next

With 4 episodes out already, viewers are in deep anticipation of what topic the 5th episode will cover. Kashf Foundation joined hands with Khoosat Films to create this mind-blowing mini-series that will only have 7 episodes in total. A story of seven remarkable women who meet in a train compartment and tell their stories to one another, each in one episode. Mind you, do not take these women to be weak. They are anything but weak. They are however wronged.

Even the theme song of the serial “Mujhay Apnay Jeenay Ka Haq Chahiye” tells you a story of what the drama serial is about. In this beautiful poetry written by Amjad Islam Amjad, you feel the pain of the women and their stories. It makes you want to help those around you suffering from the very same. Perhaps, that was the ultimate goal of the drama after all.

Have you watched Aakhri Station yet? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

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