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6 Pakistani Parody Twitter Accounts You Will Love To Follow

On Twitter, people usually get famous because who they are but there are people who get famous not because who they are but for what they do. No one knows who they are but they how to make others laugh.

There are very witty and creative people behind the parody accounts who have taken on the famous personalities and turned them into the most hilarious Twitter accounts in Pakistan.

Zubeda Aapa

@AapaZubeda – Zubeda Aapa is famous for her Totkas, so is her parody account. This account tweets funny totkas related to everything in the Pakistan. From politics to cricket, @AapaZubeda is there to make you laugh.

Most Favorited Tweet of @AapaZubeda:


Baby Bhutto

@BabyBhutto is a parody account of Bilalwal Bhutto which usually makes fun of his speeches and political moves. During and before 2013 elections, it was a very active and popular account on Twitter Pakistan.

Most Favorited Tweet of @BabyBhutto:


Humans Of New York – Urdu

@HumansofNY_Urdu is Urdu parody of the famous Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. This account takes pictures from HNY,  fits and localize them brilliantly into current Pakistani situation and hot topics using Roman Urdu.

Most Favorited Tweet of @HumansofNY_Urdu:


Saroor Ijaz

@SaroorIjaz is the pioneer of parody accounts on Twitter in Pakistan. His sarcastic way of tweeting is quite popular on Pakistani Twittersphere. His account is parody of Saroop Ijaz, a lawyer who write in The Express Tribune.

Most Favorited Tweet of @SaroorIjaz:


anu maqsood

@AnwerMaqsood is not a parody but a fan account of the legendary satirist and script writer Anwar Maqsood. Having a followers base of approx 29K, Anwar Maqsood tweets in Urdu and mostly about current affairs.

Most Favorited Tweet of @AnwerMaqsood:


Nasir Jamshed

@NasirJamshed_ owns Twitter Pakistan when you talk about parody accounts. During the poor performance of cricketer Nasir Jamshed in Cricket World Cup 2015, his parody account has completed his 50K followers milestone. His timely, witty and sarcastic tweets get viral in no time while many people get angry thinking him as the real NJ.

Most Favorited Tweet of @NasirJamshed_:

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