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4 harmful chemicals to keep away from your baby

4 harmful chemicals to keep away from your baby

As pure as the world is, it also brings many impurities with it. Just like we benefit ourselves from the pure elements of the Earth, it solely depends on us humans on how to deal with the impurities, but some only know how to misuse the impurities to make them look like something of use.

For example, here are 4 chemicals that are declared dangerous by the scientific institutes around the world but you will be stunned to know in how many ways we are made to consume these harmful chemicals, in most of the cases we don’t even know that we are exposed to these. These chemicals are usually found in cosmetics and skincare products and the products that we use on our or our child’s body; let’s just go through the description of the chemicals we are talking about,


Parabens are usually found in cosmetic products and preservatives, what they do is that they keep the product save from fungus, bacteria and other microbes that usually grow in your product in a moist and warm atmosphere. But study also reveals that parabens are also found in the tissues of a breast cancer patient, it shows that this chemical compound is absorbed into the skin, disrupting the endocrine systems, in short…it’s useful to keep a product alive but certainly not a human.


Paraffins are known to be the base of skincare products, mostly used as lubricants and emulsifiers. Now as scientists put it, it is also the base of all chemical problems your product can cause you uncountable diseases, some of them being genetic mutation and cancer. A big no to this one!

Sulfates: These are used for the foaming in the shampoos, toothpastes and other cleaning products, it is still under debates that sulfate causes cancer or any major skin disease but it can cause irritation and skin rashes, should still take precautions.


Consider it as the Monday of chemicals, Pthalates are used in your daily products like perfumes, body gels, plastic toys, lubricants and detergents, they serve the purpose of softening the product. It directly affects the reproductive systems, also creates breathing problems and is critical for baby skin. If this was a human, it’s name would be Donald Trump.

So now that we have pointed out the issue, it’s time to solve it as well, let’s take one issue to confront here, like

‘What would be better to use on a baby’s skin or hair’

At first, we’d say anything that does not include these chemicals but since there are not many products that do not have these chemicals we have a very few names, one of them is ‘Dermoviva’, a product by Dabur.

Dermoviva has a whole category of Baby care products and they do keep in mind how sensitive and delicate a baby is, they have a wide range of products that include hair oil, massage oil, soaps, shampoos, powders and baby wipes, these all are important in a baby’s grooming. You can check the whole category and list of products out with details HERE.

The reason why we suggest Dermoviva is because they are also in the same industry as the other skincare companies but their focus is health more than their sales, they know their growth is equally proportional to the smooth growth of a child.

Also, good news for Pakistani people, Dermoviva Baby is now available in Pakistan as well after their launch in Karachi. Dermoviva arranged a launch event to educate the audience, specifically the parents about their products being free of mentioned above chemicals and to spread the word, there was also an activity arrangement at the launch event, it was an obstacle course that had 4 obstacles named Paraben, Paraffins, Sulfates and Pthalates, kids had to cross all the obstacles in order win an exclusive package of the products and a play do’h wall frame with their hand impression sealed inside, people were also receiving gifts by showing the dermoviva baby product purchase receipts.

Nauman Khan, CEO, Dabur Pakistan says:

“A child is the most precious gift to a mother, so it is the responsibility of every mom to do the right thing for her child. Similarly when it comes to choosing baby care products, none of the mother’s would want to risk using harmful chemicals on her child. There is nothing more pure than nature’s very own herbal and natural range of products that offer best benefits for the nourishment of the child.”

Dermoviva baby care products have the wellness of virgin olive oil, which is healthy for the skin and hair. It does not contain harmful chemicals, so have complete faith in the brand and experience it yourself!

So now that we have an option of saving ourselves and our children from the hazardous chemicals, we better choose it as well!

Photo By Kenny Louie from Vancouver, Canada (Hah!) 
[CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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