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4 Awesome Hacks Of Ordering Food Online

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who mildly appreciate the existence of food and people who want to spend the rest of their lives with food forever. We all fall somewhere in the latter category; having said so we amassed a perfect list of hacks for you to try when you’re ordering food online.

1: Don’t Shy Away From Leaving Instructions

Mushrooms or no mushrooms? Extra helping of cheese? Easy on the salt? We all have specific things we appreciate in our food. The best way to guarantee that you receive your order just the way you like it is to leave instructions for the food makers to follow.

Our favorite instruction for post-midnight food ordering: Don’t. Ring. Doorbell.

2: It’s OKAY if you got no cash

The biggest milestone in the online food ordering scene in Pakistan has to be the introduction of online payments. Chances are if you were on a diet in the morning or thought you had a “filling” dinner you wouldn’t have planned for a midnight hunger emergency and no planning equals no cash.

Well, fret not! With its online payment option, foodpanda has got you covered. Order tonight, pay via your debit/credit card and boom! You can always get back to your diet the next day.

3: Hard to get? Let it go!

Do you know that New York Coffee, Xander’s and Mr. Burger are some of the many places that have NO minimum order requirement on foodpanda mobile app? What that means is, if you just got to satisfy a dessert craving or even only get good coffee delivered at home while preparing for an exam, there’s a way you can order just that!

Ordering via the app also saves you the embarrassment of telling the restaurant that you’d only be ordering one apple pie.

4: It’s a deal!

When ordering food with friends, it’s best to search for deals for large meals. Instead of just checking with every restaurant on the app to see if they are offering something you might like, tap on the tab on the top left corner of your foodpanda or EatOye app and select “deals” from the list. You can also select the cuisine you are in the mood for and the results you will get will be based on your selection.

Pretty nifty, right? It’s great when your friends have a hard time in coming up with a consensus on what to order. You’re welcome.

Try these hacks out and tell us your own! Happy fooding.

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