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5 Ways the New 280 Twitter Character Limit Can Go Wrong

Twitter has been known for its 140 character limit per tweet. However, Twitter has just announced their latest update; of increasing the character limit, a feature which they are currently beta testing. A tweet will now be 280 characters long.

According to Twitter’s Product Manager, Aliza Rosen the increase was because they felt users were frustrated with the 140 character limit. I’m sure we have all been in the situation where it was a choice between making a grammatical sin or not tweeting at all.

The people at Twitter saw data where users using languages such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese, which use lesser characters, tweeted more since they did not have the same issues with the character limit as those who tweet in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

The intentions behind this new feature are good and all but let’s talk about all the issues that can (and will) arise with this new character limit, shall we?


1. Typos

So this new feature establishes one thing; Twitter DOES listen to user demands and suggestions. But somehow we still haven’t gotten the ‘Edit Tweet’ option?! Do they not know how frustrating and anxiety-inducing a typo is. Now with a bigger character limit, we will be able to make even MORE typos. Well, that’s just GREAT.


2. Creativity

Fitting a tweet in 140 characters was a challenge. It was what made me great at writing summaries back in O’levels! But with 280 characters there is no challenge at all. You can go on and on and on and still have space leftover. Way to kill creativity, Twitter!


3. Time

The beauty of Twitter was how little time it took to read one tweet. You could read and enjoy more than dozen tweets per minute but with the new character limit, it will take much longer to read one tweet. I don’t want to read long stories and musings. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


4. Threads

Twitter threads are an incredibly popular thing on the website. Most threats contain at least a dozen or so tweets. But with the new character limit, threads will now effectively become shorter. In some cases, people might not even need to use threads anymore. AND WHAT IS TWITTER WITHOUT ENTERTAINING THREADS?!


5. Twitter Fights

Let’s be honest, we all love a good Twitter fight. But can you just imagine how crazy they are undoubtedly going to get now? Okay so maybe I don’t consider this as something bad (unless I am the one in a fight). But can you imagine the number of insults you can fit into 280 characters? A LOT.

So what do you think about Twitter’s newest feature?

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