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Celebrating the love of Sufi Music with the 16th Mystic Music Sufi Festival

Mystic music has always been an important part of our culture. It’s the music with a message, a message of peace, a message of love. And never before in the history of this country have we needed peace and harmony more than we do today. Hence the need for mystic music is very strong today to get us through these days of confusion and chaos.

Over the years Pakistan has produced many mystic musicians and the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW) has been doing the sacred job of connecting these mystic musicians with the people in need of mystic music. The Mystic Music Sufi festival has been held in different locations throughout the years.

16th mystic music festival lahore
RPTW describes their purpose of celebrating this festival beautifully in these words: “The way of the mystic is the way of the heart. This is the heart of Sufi philosophy and through the Mystic Music Sufi Festival we pay homage to this simple belief by celebrating the diversity, the multi-colored tapestry of different cultures, and the souls of their people, with a musical odyssey that carries its audience down the very path that brings us closest to our truest selves.”

The 16th Mystic Music Sufi Festival will be held from 9th to 11th February in Alhamra Cultural Complex, Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. Just like all the previous times, the lineup will be phenomenal and will consists of the following artists Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan , Saen Zahhor, Sheema Kirmani, Papu Saen, Akhtar Chinar Zehri, Zarsanga, Shah Jo Raag Fakirs, Nighat Chaodhry, Krishan Lal Bheel, Gonga Mithoo Saien, Mian Miri Qawal and Bushra Marvi.

Javed Bashir, Humaira Channa, Abu Farid Qawwal, Tehseen Sakeena, Shaukat Dholia, Naghma Group from GB will also perform at the festival. So have you gotten your tickets yet? If no, you can get the details from the festival’s Facebook page and be in Alhamra Cultural Complex at 7PM tonight when the festival begins.

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