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100 Notable Blogs & Bloggers On Twitter

We present list of 100 notable Pakistani blogs and bloggers who are on Twitter. We love to promote Pakistani talent whenever we have a chance! Appreciate them, so they can make Pakistan proud in the cyber world. 

  1. Abdullah Syed by @abdullasyed
  2. Ajj Key Naam by @AishaFSarwari
  3. Android Pakistan by @harisn
  4. All This Way by @SyedaSamarZehra
  5. Ammara Junaidy by @AmmaraJunaidy 
  6. arsalanmkhan by @amk
  7. Beanbag Diaries by @beatnikwannabe 
  8. Being Ahsan. by @ahsanhaseeb
  9. Chronicling Myself by @ImZeesh
  10. Cacoethes Scribendi by @RababKhan
  11. Chowrangi by @hinasafi
  12. copy paste material by @karachikhatmal
  13. CricNama.com by @cricnama
  14. Critical Velocity by @Acetylcholine_
  15. Dawawala’s word by @asimdawawala
  16. Desi Rants n Raves by @sz_rnr
  17. Doctoricious! by @a4ambitious
  18. Dream Of Butterflies Instead by @Ezraile
  19. Envisioning Future by @RoohaTariq 
  20. Events Pakistan by @EventsPakistan
  21. Eyes See.. Words Speak by @areeshei
  22. Faisal Kapadia by @faisalkapadia 
  23. Faraz Hasan : I think; therefore, I am by @eff_eche
  24. Finding Neverland by @raafayawan
  25. From the Pulpit by @discomaulvi
  26. Furree Katt by @furreekatt
  27. FURSID.COM by @FurSid
  28. Ghuncha Writes by @PathaaanPower
  29. Glitter Smitter by @GlitterSmitter5
  30. Fueling Entrepreneurial Passion by @hammads
  31. HAREEM DEEBA by @Hareem_Deeba
  32. Here, I Vent Out! by @SoulUnconquered
  33. Hira Nazir by @HiraNazir23
  34. I was Here. by @AaishaSalman
  35. Kaleidoscope by @Eshal_
  36. KASHAFVILLE and ‘Sunhera Asmaan‘ by @kashafff
  37. *LAME*-MUNOSITY by @_FNaeem
  38. Little Things by @RumaisaMohani
  39. Mahoor Jamal by @Karwa_Karaila
  40. Mehreen Kasana by @mehreenkasana
  41. Mangos in Manhattan by @ManhattanMango
  42. Marghdeen by @Marghdeen
  43. Mera Vision by @ali488
  44. Meri Duniya Ke Rung Judaa by @aurAdil
  45. Movie Reviews by @farman21
  46. Murasla Blogs by @FarhanJanjua
  47. My Bit for Change by @MyBitforChange
  48. My Extraordinary Ordinary Life by @FizzaMalick
  49. My Land Pakistan by @Rai_Azlan
  50. My Random Rant by @iZQureshi
  51. NISASITE’S BLOG by @mehru365
  52. Of shadows, silhouettes, and twilight. by @JaishaSyeda
  53. Of Coffee Conversations by @Parasitamol_
  54. Online Pakistani Dramas by @OnlinePakDramas
  55. Overwhelming confessions. by @maryamful
  56. Paki UM by @unodanish
  57. Progmic by @byteconnector
  58. ProudPakistani by @ProudPakistanii
  59. Qaiser-shahzad by @Kali_Ghata
  60. Rahima Yasin’s Poetry by @RahimaYasin
  61. Rana Usman by @rana_usman
  62. RedWishDotCom by @AhmerMurad
  63. Safe & Secure by @norbalm
  64. Samra Muslim by @samramuslim
  65. Sana Farzand by @HardlyBatsy
  66. SARAMUZZAMMIL by @SaraMuzzammil
  67. SahrishS by @SahrishS_
  68. Shutter Buggin’ Poet by @iBubbles13
  69. Social Pakistan Blog by @huzefamuhammad
  70. Soliloquies of a PreCambrian by @ThePrecambrian
  71. Tagheyyur. by @NoorEHyra
  72. Teenage Mutiny by @HamzaBinLadin
  73. Teeth Maestro by @DrAwab
  74. The Syed’s Xtreme Shenanigans by @SohaibX512
  75. The Girl In Pink Scarf by @PahujaPriyanka
  76. The Newbie Around by @NewbieAround
  77. The Pindi Boy by @Hamster41
  78. The Realm Beyond Dreams by @QiratHamed
  79. Thoughts Of An Unhinged Mind by @TheUmarAhmed
  80. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN by @SaraKhlili
  81. Twittistaan by @Twittistaan
  82. Unspoken Words by @SadafNazir
  83. valiantbydusk by @UnsungAnarchist
  84. Within My World by @Kiran_Ashraf
  85. Words | Spreading the Magic by @KhatriHina
  86. Your prayer for someone.. by @ShajiaAbidi
  87. ZAINAB KHAWAJA’S BLOG by @zainabkhawaja92
  88. Zaain Ali Bokhari’s Blog by @ZaainBokhari
  89. Zair’s Blog by @ZairAbbas
  90. ZaM by @muTanTzaM
  91. ابوشامل by @fkehar
  92. آوارہ گرد کی ڈائری by @Abrar_Kureshy
  93. بنجارہ by @faisalkarimGeo
  94. حالِ دل by @Jafar_Hussein 
  95. حیران و پریشان by @AnndaParatha
  96. جریدہ by @guyfromrolla
  97. دانش نامہ by @FarhanDanish
  98. ڈفرستان by @dufferistan
  99. نیرنگ by @anaulhaq
  100. صلہ عمر by @obangash

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