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These 10 Pakistani Instagrammers Will Reignite Your Love for Traveling

City life may be exciting with all its flashes of light and noise but more often than not it becomes monotonous. We get too caught up in our daily routines to enjoy and appreciate life. We know nothing about ourselves and we are disconnected with nature and all its glory. Life demands movement and not just the movement of traveling to and from work. We need meaningful movement in life or there would be no difference left between us and machines.
Although most of us are a slave to our 9 to 5 routines, there a few for whom the love of nature takes precedence over everything else. A few months pass and they find themselves packing their bags and traveling to the distant lands where they can have a soulful conversation with nature without the distractions of modern life.

When these travelers return, they bring back with them tales of the beautiful mountains and lakes that want to be explored. In the pictures and videos of these travelers, we can actually hear the mountains calling us. We have compiled a list of Pakistani Instagrammers whose travel photography will remind you that you, too, need to get away from the hustle bustle of city life and sit with nature to refreshen your soul.

1. Usman Zubair (@usman_zubair):

If you guys don’t already know this IGer, then you must have been living under a rock. He has biked on the Karakoram Highway, trekked to Karambar lake, and been on a glacier. There is a warmth in Usman Zubair’s photography that you can notice even in a picture of snowy mountains.

2. Marvi Soomro (@marvsoomro):

If anyone can make black and white landscapes look good, it is Marvi Soomro. But that is not all there is to see on her feed. The portraits on her feed are equally captivating.

3. Humza Sheikh (@humzashk):

When he is not capturing the nightlife of Karachi, Humza is busy exploring the hill stations and the coastal areas of Pakistan or the streets of Turkey. There is a beautiful balance between the vibrant city life and the calm of the mountains, lakes, and the ocean on Humza’s feed.

4. Muhammad Usman (@totallytrashed):

From the far-off Valley of Kalash to the bazaars of Peshawar, the mighty mountains of Hunza to the plains of Deosai, the majestic forts, and Masajids to the beautiful sunsets, there is nothing you cannot find on Muhammad Usman’s IG feed.

5. Pir Faraz Ali (@pirusaein):

People and places, that’s what you will see when you scroll through Faraz Ali’s feed. As he shares pictures of the places he has been to and tells a little tale with every other picture, he also posts portraits of people he has met on his travels.

6. Imtiaz Hussain (@emtiaazhussain):

The pictures from Imtiaz Hussain’s IG feed look like a still from some nature documentary. The reflection shots of lakes in his feed are going to blow your mind.

7. Qammer Wazir (@qammer_wazir):

The tall trees, the sky full of stars, the rays of the setting sun on water, the colors in Qammer Wazir’s feed are mesmerizing and breathtaking.

8. Shehroz Khan (@shehrozkhan_):

Although there are plenty of pictures with lively colors in Shehroz Khan’s feed, it is his pictures with darker tones that are the most captivating and make you wish you were in the picture exploring the majestic beauty of the place.

9. Muhammad Yasir Baloch (@muhammadyasirbaloch):

Curator of the #unseenBalochistan hashtag, Muhammad Yasir Baloch not only shares beautiful pictures of the hidden beauty of Balochistan but also an inspiring piece of writing with each post. Through his feed, you will see the snow-capped mountains of Balochistan and the beautiful night sky and will come to the realization that you are missing a lot by not visiting that beautiful land.

10. Danish Khan (@iamkhandanish):

Danish is an artist and that creativity is clearly visible in his photography. Whether it’s his unique videos or the typography photos, there is a message in all of his work. And the message you need to hear is this one:

So have you started planning your trip to one of the many beautiful places these Instagrammers have been to?

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