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Whats The Link To Worldwide Trends

Curiosity, one simple factor of human nature which intrigues us the most, we wake up every morning to answer the unanswered, the feeling of not knowing gets us going, in a way. And it was curiosity according that made #WhatsTheLink a global sensation on social media. It started off with a tweet from celebrity Ali Zafar who has 288,712 followers, the tweet only said #WhatsTheLink and in less than thirty minutes of time the trend was headed in every possible uncontrollable direction, eventually became the top most followed trend in Pakistan and after twenty minutes it was the third most followed worldwide trend. 

#whatsthelink ? twitter.com/AliZafarsays/s…
β€” Ali Zafar (@AliZafarsays) June 12, 2013

People know at the core of their hearts that social media is the forum where they actually have freedom. The curious human nature intrigued by this trend is a case study for many social media professionals and students, hats off to them who made everyone wonder till then end, What is the link after all?

Let us share some notable tweets:

#WhatsTheLink between Waqar Zaka and a choosni?They both look alike.
β€” Ahsan Haseeb (@ahsanhaseeb) June 12, 2013

#WhatsTheLink best trend ever! πŸ˜€
β€” Umama Mirza (@UmmoTummo) June 13, 2013

23 Tweets, 9 Followers, 589 Following, and asking for a Follow Back. #WhatsTheLink?
β€” Ahsan | Ψ§Ψ­Ψ³Ω† (@aey) June 12, 2013

Why is she telling me u can’t have your cake and eat it too? What’s a cake for? Red velvet with cream cheese for staring at? #WhatsTheLink
β€” sherryrehman (@sherryrehman) June 13, 2013

Freshly baked tharkis and β€˜will you fraanship with me?’ #WhatsTheLink
β€” Quratulain Tejani (@qtejani) June 13, 2013

Marriage and happiness? I’m sorry but #Whatsthelink
β€” M. (@mahnoor199) June 13, 2013

Ex’s and Next’s. #whatsthelink
β€” HeraMannan (@VirtualAmma) June 13, 2013

Not a bad trend this. Aisay honay chaiye trends. Lougon kay andar ki creative aurat bahar arahi hai. #WhatsTheLink
β€” Abdul Wasay Khawaja (@iKhawaja_) June 12, 2013

IPL ki cheerleaders aur Cricketers k ads #WhatsTheLink ?
β€” The Troubadour(@HariMirchein) June 12, 2013

Shalwaar aur talwaar. #WhatsTheLink (Aap Aladdin samajh lein).
β€” Maryam (@nazuksuratehaal) June 12, 2013

hmmm enlighten us … RT @zairabbas: #whatsthelink I think I know what it is. twitter.com/zairabbas/stat…
β€” FurSid (@fursid) June 12, 2013

Hamza Shahbaz and merit. #WhatsTheLink #PMLN #PCB
β€” Ali Bokhari (@AliBokhari_) June 13, 2013

To heaven #whatsthelink ?
β€” 0oo (@Thinkkbigg) June 13, 2013

#WhatsTheLink between Harry Potter and Twilight? NO LINK FOUND RIGHT? SO STOP COMPARING THESE TWO.Former is kiddish, Latter is romantic.
β€” Rubab S. Gilani (@RubabSGilani) June 13, 2013

Pakistan vs India #WhatsTheLink
β€” Dilawar Abbas (@dilawarabbas) June 13, 2013

2 min ki rain … #whatsthelink
β€” Fatima (@Famaisrar) June 13, 2013

Facebook and Hashtags .#WhatsTheLink
β€” Hanneeyya πŸ˜€ (@Hanneeyya) June 13, 2013

Khawari “@aey: Asking follow backs and losing existing followers. #WhatsTheLink
β€” Shereen H Aljarrah (@ShereenAljarrah) June 13, 2013

baRi baRi baateN aur #Budget2013 >>> #WhatsTheLink
β€” Ahmed Siddiqui (@oOol_JaLoOl) June 13, 2013

Pakistani awam and USAID #WhatsTheLink
β€” Hora J Khan (@horajk) June 13, 2013

Govt. and NAB #WhatsTheLink
β€” Usman Jadoon (@i_ukj) June 13, 2013

Snowden aur Privacy ka #WhatsTheLink
β€” The Troubadour(@HariMirchein) June 13, 2013

I Said Hi, She Said Bye #WhatsTheLink
β€” Farhan Hafeez (@FHafeez90) June 13, 2013

Biryaani but no raita? #WhatsTheLink
β€” jilawatan (@Diyakh09) June 13, 2013

#Whatsthelink between #PMLN and its obsession with cars and taxis? #Pakistan
β€” Dureen A Anwer (@dureen_anwer) June 13, 2013

Ladies and Silence, #WhatsTheLink?
β€” arsalan m khan (@amk) June 13, 2013

Smart and phones! #WhatsTheLink
β€” Fizza Malik (@FizzaMalick) June 13, 2013

Ch. Shujaat & Farsi #whatsthelink
β€” Muzzamil Hussain (@1sudo) June 13, 2013

Bheins ki taang and uluy ki dum! #WhatsTheLink
β€” Syeda Alizeh Rizvi (@urbanPakori) June 13, 2013

#lahore ki electricity and #karachi ki barish #WhatsTheLink
β€” Faizan Munaf (@AnwarRatol) June 13, 2013

 About Author:

Dara Shikoh is a newly aspired writer, one of the few people experimenting with gonzo journalism from Pakistan, which is a form of journalism that is less objective, less factual thus you could let your imagination go wild. Do check out his non media related related work on http://abctales.com/user/dshikoh

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