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Because We All Bleed Green

Pakistan, the land of pure. Not only it has pure land, colorful culture and an amazing landscape but the people of Pakistan are also pure with their feelings. They may differ from language, region, province or they may belong to any walk of life still they all bleed green, deep down they are Pakistani.

With 14th August just around the corner, people are already filled with patriotism. Such a spirit was observed today on Twitter. Thanks to @aey, @SaraMuzzammil and @HariMirchein, they started off by posting lyrics of National songs with the hashtag #میراپاکستان and within seconds it went viral. Pakistani tweeples covered almost all the positive aspects of Pakistan under this hashtag. Their true spirit was the only reason that within two hours this trend made to Twitter Worldwide Trends. The first ever Urdu trend with more than 5000 tweets within 2 hours. Congrats Pakistanis, a proud moment indeed!

Though all the tweets are worth sharing, here’s a glimpse of few of the tweets that represent the love, culture, people and uniqueness of our dear Pakistan.

Abrar Qureshi™ @Abrar_Kureshy
#میراپاکستان produces the best #Mangoes in the whole world #BeatThat

پاکستانی ‏ @ThePreCambrian
#میراپاکستان دنیا کا سب سے زمہ دار ملک ہے ـ جہاں کہیں بھی دھوکہ دہی، فساد، دہشت گردی ہوگی ذمہ دار الحمدللہ پاکستان کو ٹھرایا جائے گا

Meshaal Perwaiz @SojaoSub
World record of planting 7 lakh mangrooves in a day #میراپاکستان

Quratulain Tejani @qtejani
Asian women are the most beautiful women in the world acc to sources and the heart of Asia is ‘Pakistan’ :p #میراپاکستان

Muzzamil Hussain @1sudo
In 1994, Pakistan was the only country holding 4 world championship titles that includes Cricket, Hockey Squash and Billiard #میراپاکستان

Ahsan | احسن @aey 
We have K2 – 2nd highest mountain
Indus river – 22nd longest river
Thar – 18th largest desert

sanam khan @Chamakpatti
Na Sindhi, na punjabi, na balochi, na pathan, ye hai #میراپاکستان ye hai tera #Pakistan

ارسلان محمد خان @amk
Edhi is running the World’s largest Ambulance network, #میراپاکستانFaizaaaaan. @varynaiceyawr
Pakistan making entry into Oscars with official nomination #میراپاکستان

Ali Abbas @Syriz_
There are more than 500 kms of mountain range, snowcapped and perfect for skiing, that is yet “untouched by humans”. #میراپاکستان

پاکستانی ہری مرچیں @HariMirchein
The first woman to head an Islamic State was #BenazirBhutto from #میراپاکستانMahnoor Shahid @mahnoor199
World’s highest paved int road, The Karakoram Highway, which is the eighth wonder of the world. #میراپاکستان pic.twitter.com/z5Zsrsz2aI

Syeda Alizeh Rizvi @urbanPakori
We are killed everyday, but the thirst to bleed for the nation never quenches. Look at our men at the borders! #میراپاکستان

Saawan Muzzammil @SaraMuzzammil
The five-pointed star in the middle of the Pakistani flag is a sign of a bright future #میراپاکستان

Aman. – امن @LalaLoyalist
– #میراپاکستان has @SAfridiOfficial who holds the world record of the fastest century, 100 in 37 balls, in international #Cricket. :’)

Twittistaan @Twittistaan
Gwadar Port was featured on the back of the Five Pakistani Rupee currency note. #میراپاکستان

Haseeb Aslam @hasiib31
Khuda ki khaas rehmat hai … buzurgun ki bashaarat hai … kayee nasloun ki qurbaani … kaye nasloun ki mehnat hai #میراپاکستان

HASSAN. ~ حسان @iHassanMirza
Pakistan ka matlab kia, LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH #میراپاکستان

Lasagna Malik @FizzaMalick
Moeen Akhtar’s videos are shown in Indian acting schools. #میراپاکستان

Salman Sikandar @salman_sikandar
Jahangir Khan! Former Squash World No. 1. Consecutive 555 wins. That’s a world record in all professional sports. #میراپاکستان

SS @Anencephalie
A special thanxu to our soldiers who stand out their on the check posts through day and night, in rain and in scorching heat #میراپاکستان

Raza Zaidi @Rex69v
Side pay #China, Baju mein #India Upper #Iran. Sab kay beech mein zinda #میراپاکستان

Ufone @Ufone
#میراپاکستان Kab pehchaano gey kay … Pakistan Tum He To ho! pic.twitter.com/4Qj9jFtVOH

Faizan Munaf @AnwarRatol
14th August 1947 .. 27th Ramazan #میراپاکستان

Farhan Hafeez @FHafeez90
#میراپاکستان is a multilingual country, with more than 60 languages being spoken!

These are few tweets among many more promising and uplifting tweets regarding Pakistan. If this positive attitude can bind us for few hours then why not forever? Let’s spread love and peace and kill hatred and ill will. Let’s be better Pakistanis for a better Pakistan.

 About Author:

Fizza Malik — Enjoys writing at times and a book worm. Believes in Live, Laugh, Love. She tweets as @FizzaMalick.

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