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Twitter Updates New Ways To Search

Twitter mobile app updated a while ago with some refined search options. We now have some new ways to refine our search results, with filters for photos, videos, news and people. The company announced an update to its mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, as part of an effort to improve the search experience on those platforms. The update is designed to give users more tools to surface specific tweets or types of content.  
updated search on app (android)
With this new app update users can filter their results to display tweets with photos, tweets from the people they follow, tweets with videos, and news. And can also toggle between all tweets and top tweets. This update now allow users to find the most popular content on Twitter. A new trending timeline has been added to the “Discover” tab. It will show trends and associated tweets, Twitter said, as well as trending TV shows and nearby events.
updated trends on app (android)
Twitter’s search and relevance product manager Esteban Kozak says, “New filters in search help you quickly find exactly the tweets and people you’re looking for,”

Twitter itself says, “Use new search filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.”

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Arsalan M. Khan – blogger, social media activist by choice, instagramer; love clicking but not a pro, And yes he works with Twitter as Localization Moderator (Udru). He tweets as @amk

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