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Twitter in the News

Twitter is taking another major step in introducing new features to align its mobile application and website to business goals of creating a ‘global town square

Furthermore it is also trying to integrate the social network platform with other devices to make it stand out amongst competitors such as Facebook.

One of the new features is the direct messaging option, which can enable communication between two people who do not mutually follow each other. This feature was always present in the social network’s framework but never made active; it is thought to be a necessary step for promoting openness on Twitter. Individuals will be provided with an option for enabling this feature; thank god it is not a forcible transition like other social networks are in the practice of doing with every upgrade.

According to some reports, Twitter is thinking of launching a standalone application for this feature, entering a whole new realm of direct messaging. The company might be motivated by the success of Whatsapp and KakaoTalk, whom Twitter has also highlighted as a threat recently.

In a not so surprising move, Twitter is also set to kill its music application, which was available on IOS devices. Popularity of the application failed to improve since its launch; I am sure many of you would not have even heard about it.

Twitter is also thinking of incorporating its social network with other devices such as television. According to sources, broadcasters will be able to accurately know the number of people tuned in to a specific show; this will make them aware about the popularity of shows. Nielsen is the reigning king in this domain, with every major channel relying upon its statistics for continuing or axing shows. Twitter is set to replace Nielsen as the most reliable way of predicting the likability of programs. The social network will do this by analyzing thenumber of tweets sent out about the show during its time on airAs weird as it might sound, people are in a habit of tweeting about what they watching, which can be used to estimate how popular a show might be.
Unlike other social networks, Twitter is looking to diversify its business by developing new similar products and utilizing the social network data for analytics. Only time will tell how successful these strategies might be; with the social network industry about to reach a saturation point, it might be a good idea to find other ways of generating revenue.

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