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Twinterview Of Saroor Ijaz (@SaroorIjaz)

Interview of saroor ijaz
Saroor Ijaz is a satirical Pakistani Twitter account which usually tweets about Pakistani politics.

@Twittistaan: Who are you? 
@SaroorIjaz: There may be a variety of easy and over-capacious answers to the question of identity
@Twittistaan: Why did you choose to be mimic of Saroop Ijaz? 
@SaroorIjaz: Actually, it is the other way round.
@Twittistaan: Which political system and party do you support?  
@SaroorIjaz: Democratic Authoritarianism.  Afterparty.
@Twittistaan: Since you interact with @BBhuttoZardari a lot, will you define him for us?
@SaroorIjaz: Effete, conspiratorial and immature.
@Twittistaan: When trolls attack you on Twitter, what do you do?
@SaroorIjaz: Trolls? What trolls?
@Twittistaan: Most boring Twitteratti? 
@SaroorIjaz: The Libido Brigade.
@Twittistaan: Your 5 favorite Twitteratis and why? 
@SaroorIjaz: Saroor Ijaz. Saroor Ijaz. Saroor Ijaz. Saroor Ijaz and @HarounRashid2
@Twittistaan: Who do you follow back? 
@SaroorIjaz: Pretty, impressionable and vulnerable females. Sometimes, witty males.
@Twittistaan: Will you ever reveal your real identity? 
@SaroorIjaz: Saroor Ijaz is not a person. Saroor Ijaz is a point of view.
Interviewed by @aey

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