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Twinterview Of Sara Muzzammil (@SaraMuzzammil)

Sara Muzzammil's Twinterview with Twittistaan
Sara Muzzammil is a PR and digital media marketing professional. She is also a blogger and keeps an eye on social media happenings.
@Twittistaan: What is Twitter for you?
@SaraMuzzammil: It’s a place where I can post my opinion about different things and feel more important than I actually am in real life. Somewhere along that pretense I engage with or befriend other people who are desperate for attention and make real life connections.

@Twittistaan: Who are your most favorite Twitteratis? 

@SaraMuzzammil: I have quiet a few. To name some it would be @amk @aey @jazbatijhaaru @sheikhimaan @mightyobvious_ @mariaptweets, @thetattimaster @auradil @kafishmajal and @haayeshabbir

@Twittistaan: How many Twitter Crushes have you had so far? 
@SaraMuzzammil: The first crush I had on Twitter was on @TheChameleon84. That’s before we became friends though. The last crush I had on Twitter was on @MyDixonCider when I first started following him. Didn’t last too long. He’s a kid and it showed after the first few weeks. Cool guy though.

@Twittistaan: Have you ever achieved something because of Twitter? 
@SaraMuzzammil: I’ve made a lot of real life friends, gotten perks and landed crazy opportunities because of Twitter. Also the false sense of high self esteem. Must not forget that.

@Twittistaan: Describe your Twitter Timeline.

@SaraMuzzammil: It’s like a bunch of highly opinionated and judgmental people are all shouting about everything at the same time. I miss the civilized Twitter, quite a lot.

@Twittistaan: Have you ever involved in a Twitter fight? 
@SaraMuzzammil: I wouldn’t call it a fight since he actually agreed to what we were saying but the only time I remember having something negative attached to my Twitter life would be when the whole Anas Mallick fiasco happened. I still regret what happened, wish the kid hadn’t broken our hearts by lying to us. We had some really good times with him.

@Twittistaan: Do you get weird Direct Messages? Any interesting story?
 @SaraMuzzammil: I don’t think I’m pretty enough to have someone ask me if I want to get ‘weak in the knees’ yet.

@Twittistaan: Your all time favorite tweet? (can be your own or someone else’s) 
@SaraMuzzammil: Umm there are so many but one memorable tweet of my own that comes to my mind right now is the one that Jia Khan the actor retweeted a day before she killed herself.

I broke his walls. Then I broke him. With the rubble I built a fortress of my own.
— Sara Muz (@SaraMuzzammil) April 6, 2013

@Twittistaan: If someone abuses you on Twitter, what do you do?
@SaraMuzzammil: a. Ignore b. Block c. If it’s someone I know I ask for an explanation.

Your words for Twittistaan?
@SaraMuzzammil: I think it’s a great platform for Pakistan’s twitteratis. Just keep innovating it like you currently are!

Twinterviewed by @aey


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