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Twinterview Of Jibran (@JibbyD)

Jibran is a Pakistani living in USA. Known for his humorous tweets.

@Twittistaan: Who is your most favorite Twitterati?
@JibbyD: Cant do One: Here’s my top crop of Pakistani Twitter talent.

@AhsanHaseeb – I mean, does the funny man really need a paragraph? The guy is a comedic genius.
@Shumyl – Shumyl is so “awazaar” and anti-social that it is actually funny. 
@iqra1024 – Probably the funniest woman on Pakistani Twitter. Seriously. 
@MyDixonCyder – Mansoor tweets what all of us only think. 
@ezazi_ – funny woman again. I appreciate funny people. 
@Baysharum – I sometimes worry that his hair is taking away the nutrition from the rest of his body, but right now, he manages to put out some funny stuff. 

@Twittistaan: Who are the last 5 people you followed on Twitter?
1) Sarfraz_idris 2) @scrunchynosed 3) @zperwez 4) cnbcpakistan 5) @theomaramo 

@Twittistaan: Your all time favorite tweet? (can be your own or someone else’s)

#NowPlaying ‘Parhlou apni Zindagi bunalou’ feat. Ammi
— Shalom. (@Baysharum) January 5, 2013

@Twittistaan: What is the last Trend you took part in?
@JibbyD: I don’t remember. Probably a trend that has been done over 5 times. 

@Twittistaan: Have you ever loved someone you met on Twitter?
@JibbyD: Yes. 

@Twittistaan: Name one Twitteratti you think he/she is fake?
@JibbyD: @TheTweetofGod 

@Twittistaan: Funniest Twitteratti?
@JibbyD: See #1

@Twittistaan: Most boring Twitteratti?
@ivabdul @dorkyeinstein @pari123awaaz

@Twittistaan: Name the twitteratti who is on your TL but you don’t like his/her tweets?
@JibbyD: If I don’t like someone, I unfollow them. I think it should be that easy. Phadday are overrated.

@Twittistaan: You follow people because of their tweets, bio, profile pic or people who follow them?
@JibbyD: Tweets. As I mentioned earlier, I like funny people. Also, even if a profile is really funny but he/she is cussing, or being R-rated with many of his/her tweets, I tend to stay away. I’m an old man. I don’t like it when people cuss or are unnecessarily scandalous. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT. 

@Twittistaan: Should anyone ask for a followback?
@JibbyD: Yes, they should always do that. Mostly because I love saying “No.” to them. 

@Twittistaan: If someone abuses you on Twitter, what do you do?
@JibbyD: Ignore it. There was a guy who would constantly send me intihai rangeen gaaliyaan in Punjabi. I really enjoy ignoring stuff like that. It’s a perverse pleasure. Guilty.

Your words for Twittistaan?
@JibbyD: So, if someone ever asked me to tell them about Pakistani twitter, I won’t show them my TL. I’ll just show them Twittistaan.  Mostly because you have accumulated all that is good about Pakistani Twitter. The rest of the stuff doesn’t matter. 

p.s. Guys, ahsan spells his name as ehson in his email address. Burger.

Tinterviewed by @aey

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