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Twinterview of Ajmal Jami (@ajmaljami)

[schema type=”person” name=”Ajmal Jami” orgname=”Dunya News” jobtitle=”Anchor Person” description=”Ajmal Jami is a journalist, an Anchor/Special Correspondent at Dunya TV. He believes in “Toun Lang Ja Saaddi Khair Aey”. ” country=”PK” ]

Who is your most favorite Twitterati?

Qibla Zaid Zaman Hamid Madzallah Eleh Dayem Barkaat (Now Don’t ask me why)

Who are the last 5 people you followed on Twitter?

The State of Israel’s official twitter channel and few others. Kindly let me laugh out loudly now.Your all time favorite tweet? (can be your own or someone else’s)#Erdogan, Hoch Kildenez kardesh. Pakistan ve Turkiye iki devlet bir millet. Love you Turks though the seculars need to wake up to reality.

— Zaid Hamid (@ZaidZamanHamid) October 8, 2013

@ZaidZamanHamid Qibla aey kairri zubaan ich tweet kita jey?? kadi hindi ich v koi tweet kita karoo.. hein jee..!!

— Ajmal Jami (@ajmaljami) October 8, 2013

@ajmaljami hell has to freeze before I will tweet in Hindi. It will be anything but NOT Hindi

— Zaid Hamid (@ZaidZamanHamid) October 8, 2013

What is the last Trend you took part in?

#PakvsSA and some trend on Eid I suppose.

Have you ever blocked anyone on Twitter? If yes then why?

Yes! Unfortunately I had to block few accounts who were following me. The reason is quite obvious. MORE THAN ABUSIVE LANGUAGE..!!

Have you ever loved someone you met on Twitter?

I never met anyone on twitter, I don’t believe in virtual meetings, believes in #EyeToEye meeting. 😉 And hey!! What is this ‘chirriya Love”? Don’t know how you would define it.?

Name one Twitteratti you think he/she is fake?

Kahan tak sunoo gey…kahan tak sunaaoon??

Most funniest Twitteratti?

I think @BajiPlease or Baji Shareef, @Mutazalalhussain the guy with Salman Taseer’s DP, and I enjoy @mahobili’s tweet.

Most boring Twitteratti?

The one who just RT a tweet while adding couple of words before it without reading the ‘piece’ attached in it.

Name the twitteratti who is on your TL but you don’t like his/her tweets?

Obviously..!! It’s you..!! LMAO  By the way I believe in ‘Toun Lang Ja Saaddi khair aey”. Usually I don’t have any issue from any one.

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  • Saman
    October 5, 2014

    Salute to twittistan founder, the idea is great Ahsan Saeed.And jami enjoyed reading your twinterview, keep comming twisstian.

  • aashooo
    October 5, 2014

    haha that’s greatttt jamiii sir…..(Y) 😉

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