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Twinterview Of @ahsanhaseeb

Ahsan Haseeb is famous for his humorous tweets and memes. People know him as a Pakistani Meme maker. Interviewer‘s favorite Twiteratti.

Who is your most favorite Twitterati?

Without a doubt Shabbir Kazmi (@HaayeShabbir). I love this guy. There are others, too. But if I mentioned one, I’d have to mention all of them. So, no. Being clueless is better.

Who are the last 5 people you followed on Twitter?
Yeh jan’nay ki tuk nahin samajh aayi waisay mujhay.

Khair, Saman Zaidi (@beachplsK), Ayza (@_schizophrenica), Mahnoor Azam (@7Mahnoor), Saad Obaid (@Garam_Chai), YEAH BABY YEAH (@CharsiBhangi).

Your all time favorite tweet? (can be your own or someone else’s)
I’m not being self-obsessed but this one is my favorite tweet, not because it’s mine but because it was so random and it’s one of my those tweets that actually made me laugh.

*somebody calls up my landline* They: “Ghar pe ho!?” Me: Nahin, K2 sar karnay aya tha, socha phone sath leta jaun. #QuestionsIHateBeingAsked
— Ahsan Haseeb (@ahsanhaseeb) June 8, 2013

What is the last Trend you took part in?


Have you ever loved someone you met on Twitter?
Yes, I love everyone. That means I don’t love anyone. JK. There are some people, yes, I’m not going to mention their names. Haha.
    Name one Twitteratti you think he/she is fake?
    We all are fake in our own twisted ways. I can’t name any “account” which I think is fake, though. 
    Funniest Twitteratti?
    Ahsan…*puts on sunglasses*…Haseeb. Calm yo’ tidds, I’m just kidding.
    Nobody is the “funniest,” not even me, but there are some accounts that are pretty amazing and hilarious.

    Jibby (@JibbyD), Ezazi (@Ezazi_), This guy, zabardasti (@AskThePankaazzzz), Shabbir Kazmi (@HaayeShabbir), Mansoor Bashir (@MyDixonCider), Shömyl (@Shumyl) and Shalom (@Baysharum). 
    Most boring Twitteratti?
    @BarackObama. He’s so boring, man.

    Name the twitteratti who is on your TL but you don’t like his/her tweets?
    A never ending list. Just kidding. If I don’t like their tweets, I unfollow them. Simple. People should try it, too, instead of fighting like those 7 year old kids who fight over a pencil.

    You follow people because of their tweets, bio, profile pic or people who follow them?
    All of them minus “people who follow them.” Your account should be interesting. The username, photo, bio, tweets, header, even the background picture should mean something. My background picture is a Coldplay artwork which means I’m a huge Coldplay fan and also I love this artwork.

    P.S. I’m going to unfollow all those people who don’t meet the criteria. Mwahaha!

    Should anyone ask for a followback?
    No. Never. Never ever. NEVVAAAAHHHHH! Asking for a follow back is like asking for that relative’s daughter’s rishta which you know you’re never going to get or asking for a promotion/pay raise without even working for it. Seriously, don’t do that.

    If someone abuses you on Twitter, what do you do?
    I laugh because their abusive language explains how sad and miserable their life is, that they’re abusing someone on Twitter for a tweet that means nothing. Also, I respond with a meme particularly a C.I.D. one.

    Your words for Twittistaan?
    Twittistaan is doing an amazing job at promoting Pakistani Twitter, Urdu language and our culture. Hats off to everyone behind this wonderful thing especially Ahsan Saeed (@aey). That guy is an inspiration.

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