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Meet Twittistaan Star @RahimaYasin – The Poet

When did you start poetry and why?

I started writing poetries a little more than a year ago. And the way this passion began, it’s hard to describe. I remember that dreary hour clearly. It was insomnia, three in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. I felt overwhelmed, with a certain kind of numbness. My heart was thudding and the world’s despair was magnified for me. I wanted to release that distress, and since I was a writer ever then, I thought what better way than through words? This was my first ever poem – http://poetry.com/poems/1053243-My-Little-Dream-

Who inspires you?

It began with fictional characters, I loved how they lived in a pretty world, where their journeys always began with pain and greed and hate but ended in love and pleasure. Individual beings do not prompt me. I am mostly inspired by the world itself, humanity, or lack of. I love how people bounce from one emotion to another. Sad one moment and laughing the next.

What difficulties you face being a young poet in Pakistan who writes in English?

As a young English poet in Pakistan, I face problems but not many. One main, however, is that I don’t know any real poet personally. I am alone in this field. People write, but they write for others and not for themselves. I write, but I write for the peace of my soul. And the fact that I am not mentored at all. My emotions run wild, and I never had any English language teacher who helped me through. Couple of my English teachers read my poem and they hated it, simply because they refused to understand it. It kind of humored me, however. Frankly, critics are my favorite people. I love how they help me through. They fuel my passion, literally.

What are your favorite lyrics? Please share with us.

Lonely and despaired, yet we still stand apart In a psyche of war, we pray to sate our flaws Dying petals of chaste, our humanity periled Our haunted souls, its our own karmic sedate.

Tell Twittistaanis about your achievements.

I have written a book, Avenging Shadows and I am hoping to see it on bookshelves soon. I am currently working on its sequel. My poems are published, internationally. My articles are published locally, every now and then. I, as a youngest, ranked second in a national poetry contest hosted by Radio Pakistan. I have been interview by CNBC and BBC London Radio.

Any govt or private institute approached you for encouragement?

Not as yet, unfortunately. I don’t think I am renowned on a public scale. Like I said, I never had any mentor or a guardian who encouraged me ( other than my family, of course).

Where can we read your poetry? 

My collection of poems can be read at – http://poetry.com/users/157228-Rahima%20YAsin

How do you use Twitter to spread your poetry? And what’s the response?

I post my poems there, through links and pictures and through tweeting verses there every now and then. And I ABSOLUTELY HEART THE RESPONSE. Most of the fame I have received until now, it has been through twitter. People there are my biggest motivators. I can’t extend enough of my gratitude to them.

Being a poet, how Twitter helps you? 

Being a poet, twitter has granted me with a lot of fans and friends. It’s like a crest from where I can observe the entire globe.

Anything you want to say to your fellow Twittistaanis?

All I want to say to Twittistaanis is that I want their love and critiques and motivations coming. I don’t think I can be where I am today, without them.

Interviewed by @aey


  • Zeeshan Ahmed
    November 19, 2013

    Awesome interview. Rahima is one of the brightest twitteratis I have ever come across. Her poetry if quite beautiful.
    Shine on, kid! 😀

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