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Bootstrapping Your Career – A book to help Youth and Mid-Career Professionals

Where are jobs, how the job market is and how to enter into a career and be successful are few major questions every youngster asks from his seniors and peers. There are student advisors at universities, but unfortunately they are not fully geared to help graduating students.
Twittistaan learnt that a Pakistani with over 25 years of professional experience has written a book titled “Bootstrapping Your Career” and interviewed him. He is one and only, full of passion and positivity, Hammad Siddiqui. He is currently working as a development sector professional in Pakistan. Prior to this responsibility, he worked as Head of Commercial Department at British Deputy High Commission in Karachi for almost 17 years. 

Twittistaan: Bootstrapping Your Career is an unusual. Please tell us about it.

Hammad Siddiqui: Bootstrapping means “starting with limited resources” – In my view, every career is started with limited or at times with no resources. Jobs, or your own business, this phenomenon is a universal truth. Even when you think you have resources, you soon find out something missing. My book is about maximizing your career potential by using your limited or near zero resources. Hence it is tilted as “Bootstrapping Your Career”.
Twittistaan: What is the focus readership of your book?
Hammad Siddiqui: This book is for anyone who needs to take a leap in his/her career. During the course of my 25 years of volunteering for career development, I found out that people get stuck in their career due to some simple issues. Issues that can be resolved with little efforts. Youngsters often get confused what career they should get into, how to excel and how to beat the competition. Bootstrapping Your Career provides tools, tips and tricks for everyone who is interested in experiencing career leap!

Twittistaan: So what do you think is the key issue with slow career growth?

Hammad Siddiqui: Career growth largely depends on your taking a step ahead of your role in a particular job. That step can be a small extra work, over and above your given responsibility, or adding a new skill to your existing skill sets. Those who believe that their job is to just do what they have been told to do will be stuck in their career for long – Some say “I will grow with organization” – I think “Organization grow with people, effective, dedicated and intelligent people” – And organizations are now looking for these kind of people who can go an extra step!

Twittistaan: Kindly share one most important tip for career growth with our readers.

Hammad SiddiquiI see people now are spending a lot of time in stressful activities such as too much of TV and Social Media, stress leaders to lack of energy and illness. In My view, staying healthy is the way to beat the career competition. Your determination is the key – reduce your weight or lose your opportunity to grow fast in your career! 
If you observe top CEOs, you will see at least 90% are in shape, active minds and lean body structures. They do longer hours, are more stressed and eat at working lunches and dinners. If you speak to them, they will advise you to “de-stress yourself” – 
If you do not eat healthy, do not walk or avoid any other kind of exercise, do not sleep for 7 hours, you will compromise your career growth – Reason is simple “Smart people have Healthy Body and Healthy Brain” 
Twittistaan: We are sure your book will be helpful for many youngsters who are struggling in their career or just starting in the job market. Thank you for your time. 

If you wish to purchase the book “Bootstrapping Your Career”, send an email to [email protected] 


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