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Twitter Hashtags or Rat Race?

Being social animals, a normal human just can’t resist interacting. From evolution till now different tools have been used to make this interaction possible. Folks had pigeons to send their messages and now we have a blue bird know as Twitter. It provides a nut shell with the authority to deliver a message in 140 characters or less. In Pakistan this modern way of expression is becoming popular among educated citizens belonging to different sectors of society.

Trends are the sizzle of Twitter. They are the most fascinating and intriguing thing on twitter that drags your attention to itself. In a way they are fun but unfortunately chatty political activists have started to pollute the Twitter sea. Alas! One using Twitter regularly cannot escape activists of different political parties who tweet really very eagerly. These are the ones who have turned Twitter Pakistan into a war room. This thing is quite evident from the hash tags they use in their tweets in the rat race of trends against each other. Unfortunately the members of social media have forgotten the purpose of a social media team or have created their own purposes. Instead of enlightening the qualities of their own particular parties they prefer designating faults of the other ones. It is not limited to designating out the errors of opponents but is also turning into a blame game leaving behind doors of abusing wide open. These trolls feel free in using filthy and abusive language in arguments. While bashing others they insult, mock and harass using all the unethical means. This attitude RAISES the questions that are they really civilized? Educated? Cultured? Or are just *BLIND FOLLOWERS*. All these tactics of using hash tags do nothing but create a gigantic chaos exposing frustration and negativity. Approaching a more mature attitude one should have enough caliber to respect others opinion. 

This grouping and cat fights on Twitter is depicting a bad image of the nation to the outer world as a mob or crowd. As a member of a nation we should represent our brighter side on social media especially sites like twitter in the same way as responsible family members always present the best of them. The hash tags could be used in a better way to portray the positive image of our country Pakistan and refrain from pointing guns at others.

About Author:

Rukh — A student who is a keen observer and sometimes do like to write. She tweets as @RukhD


    January 26, 2013

    we have lots of shoulds , woulds , ifs and have to(s) . . . . and at the moment our patriot youth (masses) lost its path completely. . .
    i am not pessimist . . . i am reality lover and acceptor . why i am saying this because there is no change in priorities . . . that priorities which can bring a massive or creepy positive change.

  • ZaM
    January 26, 2013

    Very well composed Rukh.You are right at some points and I second your words that one must not be a blind supporter.I would like you to observe the core reality that current political system has hit us so bad that a social community has turned to a war front among different political supporters. But it doesn’t amaze me, because our whole society is radicalized, I had never heard my mother or sisters talking about politics or expressing their affiliation with any party BUT now they talk about it, discuss about it and pass judgments aswell. We as a Nation are stuck in this current filthy system and striving for a change therefore this war on SM will be fought till termination.This malfeasance of ruling elite is detrimental and needs to be denoted.
    If you feel like trending on soft image of Pak you are more than welcome , I tweet as @muTanTzaM

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