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Trends on Twitter: India Ne Dia Aman Ka Phenyl

zeeshan abbasi

In Pakistan, some news and incidents aren’t worthy for main stream media because of their vested interests. They don’t want to make angry some of their sponsors or clients because of those bitter truths.When main stream media doesn’t care for real emotions of common people, social media takes the responsibility and lead the educated people of the country. Another example of ignorance of main steam media was observed in case of Zeeshan Abbasi, Captain of Pakistan Blind Cricket Team, who was given Phenyl or acid on breakfast in India.

Pakistani Twitter users shared their feelings using hash tag #AmanKaPhenyl as main stream media always try to praise “Aman Ki Asha” with India. 

“It is Zeeshan Abbsai’s fault. He should have seen the liquid before drinking”. Marvi Surmed #AmanKaPhenyl

.. For everyone touring in India all I’m saying is be careful what you drink on the breakfast table. #AmanKaPhenyl

#AmanKaPhenyl Just imagine if this happened in Pakistan… Liberal Fascists & International media would have been all over us like vultures.

Dear Indians #YouNeedToUnderstandThat Phenyl is not an energy drink … #AmanKaPhenyl

Mineral water bottles were given to dem everyday; the acid was in one of those bottles. How can this be a mistake? #AmanKaPhenyl

England players should watch out what they drink tonight!#AmanKaPhenyl

#IndianCuisine Palak Paneer with fresh lemonade. Wait that’s not lemonade! #AmanKaPhenyl

What people say “Can I have some water?” What indians hear; “Acid mileyga bhaii?” #AmanKaPhenyl

Phenyl has been used for suicidal purposes till yesterday. Accidental India is the trend setter! Homicidal #AmanKaPhenyl

#AmanKaPhenyl You better not go without your own water gallons to India.

#AmanKaPhenyl is the most hilarious hashtag I’ve seen coming out of Pakistan.

“Taliban used chemical weapons to kill Indians players” Agar#AmanKaPhenyl Pakistan main use hota.

#AmanKaPhenyl to a blind man from a blind nation.

Dear teams touring India, save yourselves, lose against India or you’ll be served with #AmanKaPhenyl

Aman ki Asha replaced by Aman ka tamasha featuring#AmanKaPhenyl.

#Phenyl– New flavor for hookah lovers, only available in India! First come first serve! #amankaphenyl

Yaqeen janiye itna shor India main na hota jitna Pakistan main hota. Agar #AmanKaPhenyl Pakistan main pila dia jata.

Phenyl has now replaced ganga-jal! #AmanKaPhenyl#AccidentalIndia

#AmanKaPhenyl declared as National Drink in India.

Ye sab to iqbal or jinnah ne pehle hi dekh liya tha tabhi alag mulk ka mutalba kiya! #amankaphenyl

Well said. Baghal may churri our mo may Raam Raam#AmanKaPhenyl #ZeeshanAbbassi

#AmanKaPhenyl = only available in India. Unlimited Stocks

#AmanKaPhenyl PCB should take this issue to ICC.. Drop the Indo Pak tour as a protest.

#Indian shameless attitude towards the #Amankaphenyl incident is even more irritaiting.. @SenRehmanMalik We need action from our Govt.

Andhay logon ne aik Andhay Mehman ko #AmanKaPhenyl pilaya, Uss mehman k apne log goongay behray hain.

#AnsarBurney, #MarviSirmed, #GEO & Indian sick mentality ko SURKH SALAM.. #AmanKaBaja bajao.. #AmanKaPhenyl

.. Has Raina’s nephew taken the blame yet? #AmanKaPhenyl.

Grow up Indians…. that is the best you could do to heal the wounds of the defeat? #AmanKaPhenyl

#AmanKaPhenyl now #india targeting pakistan blind cricket team with Acid.. Shame On #India. Accept ur defeat with open heart not with Acid.

We should boycott #Pakistani #cricket on #indian land. Our players are not safe! #AmanKaPhenyl #Pakistan #Karachi

Hum krein tou terrorism aur tum kro tou “mistake”? #Puhlease#AmanKaPhenyl

Phenyl has been used for suicidal purposes till yesterday. Accidental India is the trend setter! Homicidal #AmanKaPhenyl

So when are our so called gernalists writing a ‘piece’ on the chemical drinking incident in #India #AmanKaPhenyl

Wen Srilanken team was attacked in Pak,v were labelled unfit for cricket & terrorist.Y no sanction on #India? #amankaphenyl

Rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths: What their hearts conceal is far worse..” #India #AmanKaPhenyl #RIPMFN

Excuse me, Mr. Manmohan Singh? How about taking a sip of#AmanKaPhenyl?

Zeeshan Abbasi ko saza deni chahiye, Ghalti se aisa kaam ker k Pakistan k naam badnam kiya, Indians kya sochainge becharay.#AmanKaPhenyl

Somebody give this #AmanKaPhenyl to Zardari too. Please!

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