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The Power Of Desi People On Twitter

Desis are a unique kind of people. Wherever they go, they take their desiness with them. Their every action and overreaction 😉 truely depicts their desipan. That’s why when on the night of 29th January Ahsan (@aey) started tweeting with the hashtag #YouAreNotDesiIf every desi on twitter took part in it and within minutes it started trending not only in Pakistan but worldwide and that too on number 2. Under #YouAreNotDesiIf desis tweeted the characteristics which distinguish them from other people. It was a fun filled trend with tweets about desi language and terms, old goods(which technology has replaced now with new things), eating habits, political jokes, cricket and everything that’s exclusive to the desis.

You are not desi, Twitter worldwide trend.
Trend Duration: 40 mins, Top Rank: 2

Here are some of the amazing tweets with #YouAreNotDesiIf and I’m sure you can relate to all of them. ‘ 

.. #YouAreNotDesiIf you don’t have halwa puri every Sunday morning.
— ‘ Wajihaa (@Wajiihaax) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you don’t believe in the power of paracetamol •
— Fahad Fudda – فہد (@Boti2UrNihari) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf You never called “cricket” “bat ball” as a child.
— To make you happy, I (@SheikhImaan) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you have never tried scotch taping your tv’s remote to stop the batteries from falling out.
— Nida (@Acetylcholine_) January 29, 2013

#youarenotdesiif you have never asked ASL?
— Fasi Zaka (@fasi_zaka) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you haven’t rung your neighbour’s doorbell and run away.
— Hifza Khan (@hifzakhan7) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you havnt used the line “ball bahir gayi to out”
— Roha(@RohaNadym) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you don’t have more than 50 cousins
— Naveed Ahmad Khan (@NavidAhmadKhan) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf apne kabhi apne remote ko table pe Maar k chalane ki koshish Nahi ki.
— Ambreen Ejaz(@ProudPakistanii) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you haven’t stalked before rejecting a FB friend request from ‘HiRa BoKEN AnGEL’
— Uzair (@UnsungAnarchist) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you’ve never shown someone the inside of your nostrils after singing ” aik doh teen chaar, dekho mera VCR..” #facepalm
— Bissmah Mehmud (@bissmahmehmud) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf if don’t know these words. “Yassu Panju Haar Kabootar Doli”
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf U have an irritating kid in your janney waley.. jis ki ami always say Kabhi Tang nai karta ..pata nai Aj hi kyun karaha hai
— چل پروگرام… (@ChillProgram) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf You don’t have at least five toothbrushes in a jar in your bathroom that are no longer in anyone’s use. Just sitting there.
— To make you happy, I (@SheikhImaan) January 29, 2013

#youarenotdesiif you did not scream from the loo “Kar li hai”
— AM (@Porcupine_self) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf You haven’t gotten a beating from at least one of your parents at least once in your life.
— Rutaba (@rutaba_azeem) January 30, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIfthere is no plastic cover on your remote and sheets on your drawing room sofas
— Jugni (@doodhpati) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf this never happened to you. twitter.com/Nishtaknowledg…
— Marah. (@Nishtaknowledge) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you haven’t heard the famous “chuuha daant le gya hai tumharay” line
— Hifza Khan (@hifzakhan7) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you haven’t heard your amma shouting, “Paani ki machine chala do.” Or “Geyser bujh gaya, jala kar aao.”
— Kazmi بہادرحرام زادہ (@igunsmoke) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you don’t call every shopkeeper uncle. Doesn’t matter if the poor guy is just 4 years older than you 😛
— Sana Farzand (@HardlyBatsy) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf your name is Qurat-ul-ain and you don’t call yourself “Annie”
— Hamna Qureshi (@HamnaQureshi) January 30, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf your pooray ka poora khandaan doesn’t go with you to drop off one person to the airport.
— UmrooYaar (@WelaMustanda) January 30, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you r mom doesn’t roll her eyes when you are taking an extra kabab at her friend’s place.
— Cobra (@RajuKeeItemBomb) January 29, 2013

#YouAreNotDesiIf you dont use Lota.
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) January 29, 2013

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Ambreen Ejaz — Islam, Pakistan and Kashmir, these are my ishq. A student of psychology. Love books, football, cricket, tennis and other good things. Proud to be a fundamentalist. Tweets as @ProudPakistanii


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    February 24, 2015

    Cool article, It was funny.

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