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Pepsi partners with Liter of Light Pakistan to start #‎LightingUpLives‬

Pepsi has always been considered as a youth brand but with its recent venture it has hit great heights, stood a step ahead in corporate world as well as played its social role. The campaign not only serves the youth but the entire nation. From Dunya Hai Dil Walo Ki to believing to Live It Abhi, Pepsi has covered a large journey and played its responsibility, catered to all of its audience and kept up with good morals. Launching its very new campaign #LightingUpLives, which has successfully reached its phase 2.

The phase 1 of #LightingUpLives began by helping the IDPs of Jalozai camp, the up – cycled Pepsi bottles which were constructed to be solar powered were used as lights which brightened the hospitals, houses and the localities at the camps. Sharmeen Obaid documented the entire process and this campaign was instantly popular in the audience and gave Pepsi a new direction to work upon.

Now, the phase 2 of #LightingUpLives is to involve the entire nation. Pepsi also held a PR event in which it shed more light to what the concept and idea actually is and how #LightingUpLives can help the society and bring happiness to the common man. The process is very simple with the purchase of Pepsi 1.75L bottle; the proceeds will be donated to Liter of Light Pakistan. 1 Rs from each 1.75L Pepsi plastic bottle to be donated to the cause.

The blissful month of Ramzan is just around the corner and in the holy month people are readily helping each other, so Pepsi chose the perfect timing to start off with this campaign. Pepsi’s new TVC starring the youth celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi, Syra Yousuf, Sanam Saeed, Azfar Rehman along sides others deliver the same message and spread the message of unity and harmony. Even this campaign has made a remarkable progress on social media platforms and is getting a lot of support.


Courtesy: Pepsi Facebook Page

Now the final results don’t only depend on the company but also on how efficiently we become part of it. For more information, watch the TV below:

Or join Pepsi at:
Spread smiles and be a part of #LightingUpLives.

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