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For God Sake, Save Religious Diversity In Pakistan

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples. You are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion, caste or creed—that has nothing to do with the business of the State.” ― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

It was a blood war, yes I witnessed it. More than 150 people died in the all saints church blast Peshawar. This left our hearts and many others covered with blood stains of sadness. Yes Christians were targeted, this time it was only Christians. Incidents of sectarian violence especially targeting minorities have become more frequent and violent in the past years. The attacks in Gojra, followed by the Joseph colony in Lahore have proven devastating for us. But these all incidents taking place, makes ones heart bleed.

Am I unwanted in my own country?

Why is this happening?

Do we minorities have to pay the price of loving our country?

The answer is no human being is safe in this country be it Muslim, Christian , Hindu or any other sect.

The recent attack on all saints Church has ripped our hearts. This act was planned by monsters—pure and simple. Disgusting, pathetic , horrific beings that I don’t even consider human. It’s a mesh of sadness, anger, hopelessness, frustration and an overwhelming sense of just how quickly everything in life can change in an instant. How unreliable life is.

More than 500 people were in the church premises when the blasts took place in succession around the complex, according to local residents. People were running in the midst of smoke. “After the first blast, the Church was engulfed in black smoke,” said one shop keeper, who runs a clothes shop outside the Church complex. “I saw such a panic near the Church for the first time,” Shopkeeper added. “It was really terrifying. I am grateful that GOD saved us.”

In the past even , In spite of these sobering statistics of Christians being attacked, every church service I attended was always packed, Over and over again, I encountered the same attitude from my community, people are aware of the risks of being a Christian in Pakistan, but they choose to go attend the services anyway, and that makes us a stronger Pakistani Christian. We will not give up loving our country. This is our country .No coward can halt my faith.

After the Church blast there was a wave of shock on twitter too, Each and every person condemned despicable and indiscriminate attack. There was a heart felt grief .

I thank all of you for extending your support and love to the Christian community.

SumiyyaPTI ‏ @sumiyyaSpeaks
We condemn #PeshawarChurchBlast in strongest words. Islam orders to protect minorities. These attacks are aimed to tarnish Pakistans image

Samar Minallah Khan @SamarMinallahKh
‘My brother lost 3 children who were visiting the Church. They youngest was in his mother’s lap’, A Christian Woman #PeshawarChurchBlast

Sabreena Razaq ‏@sabreena_razaqHeartbroken to hear of church blast in Peshawar. 6 killed during worship. Children injured. Is this the fate of God’s fine creation? Perhaps

Samar Minallah Khan ‏@SamarMinallahKh
Shame! Shame! Shame! 25 precious lives lost while offering Sunday prayers in a Church in Peshawar #PeshawarChurchBlast #Shame #Savages

The Commoner ‏@JavedAzizKhan
Our sympathies and prayers with all those killed and wounded in suspected suicide blast outside a church in #Kohati #Peshawar

Farhan Buriro ‏@FarhanBuriro
Very sad ya Allah in dehshatgrdo par azab nazil frma “@dawn_com: Blast near church in #Peshawar kills 25, injures 55

Aliya Salahuddin ‏@AliyaSalahuddin
Uff, uff, uff. Horrific scenes on TV. People looking anxiously for the missing. #Peshawarchurchblast

Contributed by: Naima Walter 

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