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Types of Twitter Users

If you have been on Twitter for quite a while you would know that there are many type of characters on Twitter other than the 140 characters. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here is a list of Twitter people you may have come across;

1. The Political Ones:
A majority of Pakistanis on Twitter come under this category. They often flood your timeline (if you are following them) with the hashtag they are trying to trend or with tweets against other parties. They portray their leader as the only savior of Pakistan and they tell you that you are committing a sin by not supporting their political party. They can be annoying at times. Well, almost always (don’t tell them I said this).

2. The ‘Why oh Why?’ Type:
These kind of tweeps love to complain, they complain all the times about everything. They are the ones who look at the half empty glass. They will either make you feel that there is nothing good outside in the real world or maybe they have some serious psychological disease.

3. Islamaophobes:

There are two kind of Islamophobes on Twitter (and in real life too), the non-Muslims and the Muslims. The non-Muslim Islamophobes don’t annoy me that much as Muslim Islamophobes. They will tell you how Niqab is a sign of oppression and how jihad is a name of terrorism. I feel pity for them that despite being one of the believers, they have failed to understand the basic concepts of Islam rather they misinterpret them.

4. “Mujhey tou koi sazish lagti hai’ kind:

They are the people who love conspiracy theories. They survive on such theories. They will tell you how a conspiracy was involved even in a simple accident. For them everything that happens in this universe is a conspiracy. I think they should write mystery novels, they’ll be very successful at it. (Free advice)

5. The Cricket Freaks:

People say you are not a true Pakistani if you don’t like cricket but these cricket freaks are insanely in love with cricket. They will watch cricket of any kind, domestic, national, international. They watch cricket and they tweet about it. I learned from them that everyday cricket is being played somewhere and they don’t miss it.

6. The Sports Lovers:
They are not restricted to cricket. They watch all the sports, even golf (yes, even golf) and they will tweet about all the sports. You can depend on them for sports update of any kind. Some of them play themselves too.

7. The News Reporters:

By reporters I don’t mean the actual reporters, these are the twitter reporters. They tweet any news as it happens, anywhere. I wonder if they sit in front of the TV all the time to get this news or do they copy paste from Twitter? ๐Ÿ˜‰

8. The ‘Frandshippers’:
They are quite a type, they will tweet you a ‘helo how are you?’ often and they have their numbers written in their bios. And if by mistake you follow them then expect ‘I want to frandship with you’ in DMs.

9. Team Follow Back:

They don’t just follow back, they even have a team, hehe. The rule is that if you follow them, they will follow you back. But if they follow you and you don’t follow them back, then they will tweet you for ‘a follow back?’

10. $&#%*@ type:

These people love to swear. Most of their tweets start with a swear word and others end with them. They will swear when they are happy or when they are sad or angry or annoyed or even without a reason.

There are many other types of twitter people too but the above mentioned are very common and easily found. And most of the above mentioned are annoying to be honest so just make sure you are not one of them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

About Author:
Ambreen Ejaz — Islam, Pakistan and Kashmir, these are my ishq. A student of psychology. Love books, football, cricket, tennis and other good things. Proud to be a fundamentalist. She tweets as @ProudPakistanii


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