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Twitter Update: To Block or to Mute?

Twitter Mute Return

Everything was running smoothly, birds were chirping happily, sun was shining brightly in the sky, and people were living peacefully with each other. Then Twitter decided that there is no difference in the ‘mute’ and the ‘block’ option on Twitter. This led to unrest, violence and chaos all of which ended up in the Twitter inbox.

What Twitter really did was that they decided to remove the mute option since it was the same as the block option. Well, they were wrong, and it upset a lot of Tweeters out there.
What do you do when you have an encounter with a bully who is trying to hurt you or ridicule you? You would just go somewhere, preferably your home, where that bully can’t reach you. This is the similar as blocking. When you have a pervert or when you have someone who is spreading false rumours about you then you simply block that person. This option allows you to stop that person from contacting you in any way through Twitter. It also stops that person from tagging you or retweeting any of your tweets.
What do you do when you have a friend who is continuously going on and on about his or her beauty or accomplishments of which you have heard a million times? You just simply choose to ignore your friend until your friend asks you “are you listening?” At that point you nod and say “Of course, every word.” This is similar to muting. You have a friend who goes on a continuous rant about things you are genuinely not interested in, and you do not want to unfollow your friend because it might hurt his or her feelings so you simply mute him or her. This just stops your friend’s tweets and retweets from appearing on your homepage.
Twitter’s decision to remove the block option led to lots of people getting unblocked automatically. This was not at all acceptable to a lot of people. This was taken care of immediately when Twitter threw out the idea of changing the rules out of the window.
Did any of you know about this mishap that led to the uproar?

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