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The Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, in recent years, has emerged as a major industry around the world. Many marketers now realize how this can help their business in the most cost effective manner. Many people that I came across consider the conventional use of internet (such as marketing on social networks) as the only viable channel of marketing their products and services on digital platform. They fail to realize the power of mobile marketing, which is the booming trend of digital marketing this year. Moreover, content marketing (which includes implementation of S.E.O) is the second most effective way of marketing of 2013.

For the first time in history, more tablets were sold around the world compared toconventional laptops and PCs. At the same time, smartphone users are now in the majority compared to the dying feature phone breed. This shows that a vast portion of internet trafficnow comes from these palm held devices

Marketers need to exploit this evolution in technology and invest a signification portion of their time and other resources towards engaging users on these platforms. Engagement of users can be in the shape of advertising on app stores of leading UIs (which include Apple, Android, and to a certain extent Windows platform). Moreover, introducing a mobile version of your business’s website would not be such a bad idea, considering the number of users accessing internet from this platform rank in millions. Mobilink for example has launched a responsive website for people surfing the internet from their smartphones or tablets.

Search Engine Optimization (or S.E.O in short) is a way of increasing your website’s visibility on various search engines, most notably Google. These days S.E.O itself is a field in which people gain professional certifications to properly understand the whole mechanism at work. According to my own little research about the topic, Search Engine Optimization means including certain keywords in your content which makes it relevant to what a user is searching for on the internet. Furthermore, the frequency of updating your website and daily user traffic also plays a significant role is deciding the ranking of your content in the search results.

Social network marketing is no doubt one of the most important tools that a marketer can use but not the only one. Organizations need to realize the vast scope of digital marketing and keep pace with the changing and evolving trends of this field. Digital marketing is directly dependent upon technological advancement and require constant research by organizations to take full advantage of this mass and niche marketing tactic.

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