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#BreakfastWisdom | Twitter Story

I felt a bit stiffened. Staying up late into the night hadn’t done any good. Scratching my awfully shaggy hair, I turned to my side, and pulled up my timeline on the phone. I wasn’t really expecting a dozen DMs waiting for me, but he could have left one. After all, he had turned it into a mess last night.

The absence of his message stung. I got up and went into the shower. Walking downstairs, I checked my Twitter again. Still nothing.

Ammi was getting the breakfast ready. She looked up as I went to the fridge, and I offered salaam. Now, I am one of those lucky few whose parents are their best friends, but that blessing comes with a price: they can always read me like an open book. Putting down the breakfast for me, Ammi asked what was wrong. So, I told her about my fight from last night.

The collective wisdom of the elders in my family demands certain traits in behaviour, one of which is to listen intently without stifling a troubled heart’s rant. She listened until I said, “He can’t keep a friend for long.” Then she smiled at me and said with the sweetness of the world in her voice, “That’s not for you to judge. And, listen: whoever makes the heart their god, you should stop expecting to ever see them happy.”

I spent many a moment thinking that day at work how a squabble on a 140-letter interaction was actually dictating my life. I felt ashamed, and resolved I would not let something so little make me unhappy, that my reactions would no more be defined by a hashtag.

#Happiness #Acceptance #Liberation

About Author:

Saqib Hussain — He works at an IT firm, associated to market research and Internet-based product development. In the after hours, he is an aspiring author of political thrillers. Already into drafting two of his novels. Currently finishing a screenplay for a film. He tweets as @Xakib.

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