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Activities Of Pakistani Politicians On Twitter

Pakistani Politicians on Twitter

In the present era, the importance of social media has risen enormously. Every news is conveyed through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. With the aid of such websites, public can have legal access to famous people like celebrities, politicians, tycoons, etc. They are in spotlight for any single action they take on social media.

Let’s talk about Pakistan’s politicians being active on social media, particularly Twitter. Since youth of the nation is showing great engrossment in politics; 11th May, 2013 was an exemplary day of that, they want to interact and communicate with the people involved in the government. Twitter acts as a medium to connect them.

Have a glance at how some of our leaders behave on Twitter. 

@SenRehmanMalik, Senator Rehman Malik, tops the list with his friendly behavior with youngsters. He does not only reply to the queries, but also fulfills their amusing demands of “RETWEETS” and “FOLLOW BACKS”. He is probably the only leader of our nation who shows his amiable nature on twitter.

And many more like these…

@ImranKhanPTI, the youth fame Imran Khan always tweet about political news. His engagement with youth of Pakistan cannot be seen on Twitter.

Next, @CMShehbaz, Shehbaz Sharif mostly tweet about worldwide news, replies to sensible queries, and his political meet ups. He also holds a good humored attitude towards public, yet never takes risk of responding to insensible tweets of lads.

Last but not the least, the young name of politics @BBhuttoZardari, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari never shows any genial behavior towards public. His timeline is filled with news regarding Pakistan and its issues.

Where PM of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, never used twitter, his daughter, @MaryamNSharif is profoundly active on Twitter. She does not only tweet about the political stuff, but also replies to specific and relevant tweets by public.

About Author:
Kissa Syeda- A pakistani living in Riyadh and a high school senior. Fond of reading and writing, nature, technology, and Bill Gates. Tweet as @kissasyeda.

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