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A day without Twitter

day without twitter

Ever wondered why a Twitteraholic would spend a day without Twitter? It could be a bad internet connection, a hectic day, a broken phone or an out of order laptop. Whatever it may be, this Twitter-less day is a dull day for a Twitteraholic! 

What do you miss out on the day without Twitter?

· The daily dose of motivational quotes.

· You miss scary DM’s telling you someone’s spreading wrong info about you!

· Political opinions, confusing statements and random arguments.

· Elusive followers (you don’t know why they followed in the first place and you don’t even know what you did that they unfollowed)

· Retweets that result in instant fame, favorites that lift you up, new followers that make tweeting addictive and what not!

· You miss out on all the happy happenings and also the not-so-happy ones. You get the glimpse of Current Affairs on Twitter, even when you’re the kind who’s least interested =p

· Twitter and a cricket match go so well together, what an amazing collective response do we have from the tweeps.

· You miss trending, it’s fun and creative after all! When friends trend together, the fun doubles, the retweets are triple!

· You miss the random discussions with random strangers that often lead nowhere!

· You miss the chance of having a new tweep, many tweeps turn into best friends eventually!

· You miss the Twitter fame! Each day adds a little bit to your to your popularity! And then one day you become a Twitter Star!

· You miss out on your self-expression through avatar, background and header! We all love it, don’t we?

· You miss uploading pictures; random pictures on your way to work or the favorite food you eat or the new addition in your family.

· If it’s a Friday, you miss out recommending your favourite Follow-Friday tweeps! And you miss out your tweeps recommending you too!

· You end up brushing up your writing skills, while having fun (that’s why you find so many writers on Twitter)

So, you end up missing out all this fun, on a day without Twitter. Maybe, even more that I must have forgotten to mention here! J

About Author:

Sadaf Fatima — Art runs in my veins, purple lifts me up and poems are my story. My heart and mind revolve around creativity; be it writing, designing, painting or a simple new idea. I tweet as @iheartart8.

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