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8 Types Of Twitter Retweeters

A retweet is a kind of free advertisement of your account on twitter. Your tweets reach more and more people by retweets and who knows someone might follow you after seeing your funny or interesting tweet that gets RT’d on their timeline. So admit it or not, we all love retweets because they are a kind of appreciation of your tweets. We all retweet tweets every now and then but there are a few serial retweeters who retweet a lot. These serial retweeters of twitter are of many kinds, few famous kinds are listed below;

1. Imranists, Leagueis, Jiyalas:
These are the most active retweeters on twitter. They retweet tweets about change that will come by changing your last name.(Kasam se) But mostly they are retweeting tweets against other political parties. (Quite boring, I know)

2. Look, someone is talking to me:
These people retweet every reply to their tweets, every conversation they are having on twitter. Even if you don’t want to stalk them, their continuous retweets of their conversations with others force you to. 

3. Self obsessed retweeters:
These retweeters retweet every praise they receive. Majority of our politicians on twitter fall into this category. 😉 But Awam ain’t that different either. You’ll see many compliment containing RTs on your timeline very often.

4. Celebrity lovers:
These tweeps joined twitter to follow their favourite celebrities. All they do is retweet those celebrities.(Sometimes quote retweets with “isn’t he/she cute? xxx”) If the celebrity hasn’t tweeted anything for a day or two, these retweeters start retweeting their old tweets and flood your timelines with even one word tweets like ‘okay’ & ‘thanks’ by those celebrities. *facepalm*

5. Troll Retweeters:
These retweeters retweet grammatical mistakes or other stupid stuff tweeted by people and then make fun of them. (Zulm, hai na?) Be careful, you can become their prey too.

6. I love God, my RT is the proof:
These people love God and their mom and they express it by retweeting tweets like “RT if you love God/your mom”. If you don’t RT such tweets you don’t love God or your mom. 🙁

7. Khabrien sun lien:
These retweeters retweet news, breaking news, sports news, scores and sometimes even weather news. 😛
They turn your timeline into a news channel. (O bhai hum news channels se bhag ke twitter pe aye hain)

8. Achay walay retweeters:
These retweeters retweet good stuff like interesting quotes, funny tweets, blood donation appeals etc. They are an interesting addition to your timeline. And the only bearable serial retweeters. They are not that hard to find either, I can mention two such retweeters: @razonater and @FarrukhSiddiqui  (they didn’t pay me for this, honestly).

P.S. If I skipped any interesting kind, do tell me. 🙂

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Ambreen Ejaz — Islam, Pakistan and Kashmir, these are my ishq. A student of psychology. Love books, football, cricket, tennis and other good things. Proud to be a fundamentalist. Tweets as @ProudPakistanii

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