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FF, Maybe? | Twitter Story

“For the best bowling skills you all should follow Wasim Akram”, the crowd roared with zeal as Shoaib Akhter spoke to the bowling training camp. The young boys filled with passion and energies looked with excitement first to the legendary Wasim Akram and then to the super fast Shoaib Akhter. They just got happy by their sights and in this excitement their real aim blurred, the aim to learn all the secret trick of trades to be a top class bowler.

Now it was Wasim Akram’s turn to address the fanatic group of boys and as he spoke it was filled with Shoaib’s talent how to rock the ball and the crowd enjoyed it till the end…

Is this is how your TL appears on Friday? If yes then you are on the right track. Friday is celebrated as #FF day. Well everyone wants to follow famous twitter personalities, which are famous, genuine and very creative but the problem is we also want to be followed back. We’re neither famous nor we gain followers, Ahh tragedy!

The drawback that I observe is that the famous tweeples give and receive FF’s from other famous people and we are like the crowd we enjoy and follow them but thanks to our dumbness we also give FFs to them, “Apne followers hain nahi aur unko followers dene chale”. Hold on, hold on I have nothing against famous tweeps, they are all amazing, ok not all of them but most of them for sure. DUHH!! That’s why they are famous.

Let’s get back to my point now, there are many amazing twitter users who are wonderful but don’t get recognition like they deserve.

Dear famous tweeps you can judge genuine tweeters, please do give them FFs, maybe. This way they can share their wonderful knowledge as well as they can also enjoy fame. Else they’ll live like ultimate “Middle Class” on Twitter.

By the way “Middle Class” means people like us with just a few hundred followers. This term was derived by me and @AnwarRatol (Faizan Munaf), in search of followers, sadly didn’t gain any followers but at least we came up with a new term, see how creative.

PS: I am neither creative, nor genuine or sensible but who wouldn’t enjoy a few thousand followers. So FF, maybe?


About Author:

Fizza Malik — Enjoys writing at times and a book worm. Believes in Live, Laugh, Love. She tweets as @FizzaMalick.

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