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Why life doesn’t come with a self-destruct button?

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Life isn’t about “always” doing things in a particular manner.
It’s about adjusting with whatever comes at you, tasting the true meaning of life. And with taste comes experience, and with experience, you learn. You learn that it’s not necessary that everything goes smoothly. Sometimes, things do go downhill. We learn that it’s not just negative light you have to scatter on life. No, life is beautiful.
From the dew on the patches of grass to the happiness you get when you meet someone you haven’t seen for a long time. If our already rather short breaths came with a so-called “Self-destruct button” we would ignore the reason as to why we’re here. We all do serve a purpose to the world as cliché as that sounds. If we had the choice to simply end our lives at any given point, without any pain, without any suffering but for the sole purpose of being “happy”, I’m quite sure we would have done that. However, in all honesty, would you really be happy?

Not a lot can be done about life but that doesn’t mean that you do nothing.
— Polo. (@Freenster) January 17, 2014

People will miss you. People who love you, who appreciate the little things you do, who notice how you do things. It could be the way you talk, or the way you think, or the way your words are always accompanied by hand gestures. You don’t see yourself sleeping at night. When you’re at peace, your chest rising and dropping softly as you inhale and exhale; but people do. They notice. Because they care. People who’ll miss your smile. Your mood swings. Your silly yet certain habits, and all those tiny things you never cared to look into. All those small things you never knew you were doing.
God gives you a chance at life to make something out of it. To turn your short, but not necessarily pointless, life into something meaningful.
There’s a reason the ghosts and vapors of your past haunt you. They remind you where you went wrong. They tell you to not make the same mistake, twice
It’s all about learning lessons, facing your fears, achieving immortality in your little gusts of everyday happiness. And once more, if life did come with a self destruct button, you’d never understand or embrace the true significance of learning, o being happy, or of being sad. Because there’s always a little good that comes with the bad.

Life doesn’t guarantee happiness. It promises grief and pain that will one day be worth suffering through.
— Polo. (@Freenster) January 29, 2014

The reason you can’t pause, rewind, or fast forward, or end your life with ease is because this life wasn’t meant to be a movie. It was meant to be a chapter. A chapter of a century, generation, millennium. And in books, every chapter serves a purpose. Every chapter has it’s own plot twist. It’s own hidden secrets. And so do you.
What a waste it would be if life did come with a remote control to handle all of the hard situations perfectly.
Then, people will be unknown to pain, to sadness, and to wholeness.
Because every time life would try to tell us what suffering, and pain, and love is, we’d just skip those parts.
We’d be empty souls dwelling in lifeless bodies.
That’s the reason you can’t control what you do and how you do it.
You live to learn the importance of even the simplest of things. Like the beauty in the delicate folds of a rose, or the beauty of differentiating between happiness and sadness.
There’s beauty in everything, we just have to search for it. And if life did come with a self destruct button, we’d never be able to find that beauty.

About Author:

Afreen — Student, Writer, part-time exaggerator, full-time procrastinator, and also, she tweets a lot more than occasionally. Tweets as @Freenster. Blogs at- soulofamisfit.wordpress.com


  • FizzaMalik
    February 10, 2014

    Beautifully written, love the message!
    But life do come with all kind of buttons, even self destruction and we see examples who just end themselves to get rid of pain but such people are always remembered in black words.
    So why not enjoy this ride of life the way it is 🙂

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