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WhatsApp is not down on Twitter

Tweets about Whatsapp
Instant mobile messaging service WhatsApp is not working for the past one hour and it’s users haven’t been able to communicate with their contacts. The company has confirmed on Twitter that there’s something wrong with their server and they are working towards fixing it. On the other hand WhatsApp users are awake (obviously) this hour and doing their best to show anger for Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and the service. 

It’s started like

— Imran (@_ImranR) February 22, 2014

#Whatsapp DOWN
— NORBALM dot COM (@norbalm) February 22, 2014

Has #whatsapp stopped functioning for all?
— ہری مرچیں (@HariMirchein) February 22, 2014

Whatsapp ka kya scene hai boyzz?
— ViviΔn (@HeadphoneDrama) February 22, 2014

Whatsapp down therefore DM zindabad!
— Sarah NJ (@ItnaSarah) February 22, 2014

Whatsapp, moment of silence.
— Black Sheep (@Ladyblacksheep0) February 22, 2014

It’s Facebook’s fault, like totally! 

A few days into the acquisition by #Facaebook and #WhatsApp goes down! Spooky?
— Cracking Code Guy (@BasitS_) February 22, 2014

Mai fb fb chillaaun ga kurta phar phar! #WhatsAppFromTheJail
— Kabeer Arora (@Bhagat_Kabeer) February 22, 2014

WhatsApp isn’t working? Go and whine on Facebook, not here!
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) February 22, 2014

Kuon dey ditta Whatsapp Facebook nuuu!
— Aima Yusaf Jamal (@SoulUnconquered) February 22, 2014

I just realised my whatsapp hasn’t been working for two days. Won’t send or receive messages. Thank you Zuckerburg for killing this too.
— Sharabi Kaafir (@MyDixonCider) February 22, 2014

Facebook just killed my WhatsApp…

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