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#RoyalBaby And Pakistanis.

In last 7 days, Pakistanis tweeted about #RoyalBaby 8,013 times. We are sharing some tweets with you, so you can have an idea what Pakistanis think about George Alexander Louis.

Naming the #RoyalBaby George is like naming a desi baby Idrees. Seriously. Also, someone should kill me for tweeting about it.
— Jibby (@JibbyD) July 24, 2013

Firdous ki lawn from #AmirLiaqat to #RoyalBaby 😛 pic.twitter.com/HbVbUS88K0
— Mango Man (@manshoorahmad) July 24, 2013

Yaar bacha hi hua hai. Pakistan mein roz 10,000 bachay paida hotay hain. Easy hojao sab. #RoyalBaby
— Mk. (@Sexiberium) July 24, 2013

#RoyalBaby is he gona be bald like his father?
— what a bongi (@whatabongi) July 24, 2013

Why is #RoyalBaby still trending in Pakistan, (it stopped trending in London yesterday).
— Judo Touch (@japakistani) July 24, 2013

Bachay ko kabhi sagi daadi ka pyaar naseeb nai hoga. :'( #RoyalBaby #RIPDiana
— Sehri Muzzammil (@SaraMuzzammil) July 22, 2013

Has anyone seen my Royal Babe? … #HRK .. #RoyalBaby
— Baby Bhutto (@BabyBhutto) July 24, 2013

This is a mandatory tweet on #RoyalBaby just to start my day on Twitter.
— Shabbir Kazmi (@HaayeShabbir) July 24, 2013

#RoyalBaby this cartoon pretty much sums it up! Lol http://t.co/F3zhfhDmm0
— Nadda S Adamjee (@NaddaSalim) July 24, 2013

All of a sudden the biggest thing happening on western TV is #RoyalBaby. Has the conflict stopped in Syria and Egypt ?
— Moid Fazal (@MoidFazal) July 24, 2013

“Royal baby? Been there, done that. 35 times.” #RoyalBaby pic.twitter.com/VcQkSkSoKE
— Abdul Rehman Agha (@3arn) July 24, 2013

No exaggeration but #BBC live just reported “prince william changed the #RoyalBaby‘s nappy for the 1st time”.I was indeed dying to know that
— Asna Maqsood (@Asna_M) July 24, 2013

British Royal Family id Calling a circumcision expert from #Pakistan bcz hum log ‘phunoo’ acchi Kattyy hain 😉 lolz #RoyalBaby
— Hammad Siddiqui (@hammads) July 23, 2013

So if #RoyalBaby is of 8 pounds, that is only Rs.1150 . .that’s not much :p
— Meshaal Perwaiz (@SojaoSub) July 23, 2013

#RoyalBaby ki pedaish mein Al-Qaeda mulawwis hai.
— HQ (@echqeu) July 23, 2013

شاہی سپاری اور شاہی محلہ چونکہ متروک العام ہوچکے اسلیئے لے دے کر شاہی بچہ ہی رہ جاتا اور دل کے بہلانے کو یہ خیال اچھا ہے۔ #RoyalBaby
— Abrar Qureshi™ (@Abrar_Kureshy) July 23, 2013

Okay i want to be the #RoyalBaby now! #FeelingJealoused :/
— Mehwish (@M3vayKhan) July 23, 2013

#RoyalBaby tou humari saggi phuphi ka baby hai. Itni khushi tou humain khud apne paida hone ki nahi hogi.
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) July 22, 2013

I don’t really give a fuck about #RoyalBaby . How many were killed today in #Palestine , #Egypt , #Kashmir , #Somalia and #Pakistan ?
— Aura – e – Dil (@aurAdil) July 22, 2013


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