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How Twitter is better than Facebook? See what Pakistanis say!


How Twitter is better than Facebook? your words?
— Twittistaan (@Twittistaan) May 24, 2013


@twittistaan its not effected by privacy controls its open its great for cowd sourcing and there is no limit to where your voice can go to!
— FK (@faisalkapadia) May 25, 2013

@twittistaan No family.
— Mahnoor Ahmed (@MahnooriAhmed) May 24, 2013

@twittistaan Just as even the worse styling is better than the styling of Pindi boysis, Twitter is far better than FB
— رانا محمّد عثمان (@rana_usman) May 24, 2013

@twittistaan there’s no such thing as stalking here
— Afsah B(@AfsahB) May 24, 2013

@twittistaan No family. Very less Fraandshippers. You can vent out here without being judged. On FB, everyone goes ‘Haww Haww’ on you!
— AY Jamal (@SoulUnconquered) May 24, 2013

@twittistaan Because there is a very clear difference of having intellectual discussions and mere commenting on something not worthy enough
— Zohaib Mehfooz (@ZohaibMehfooz) May 24, 2013

@twittistaan Twitter makes you love people you don’t know while facebook makes you hate people you know in real life!
— Sana Javaid (@Sanaa_Javaid) June 1, 2013

@twittistaan Facebook Wali Awaam are Day Dreamers..Here, people atleast know what’s happening in real.
— Syeda Zainab Rizvi (@SyedaZainabRizv) May 24, 2013

@twittistaan Both are important. One is used to get hold of family, other one is used to interact with the people around the globe.
— Areeba اریبہ (@areeshei) May 24, 2013

@twittistaan Strangers are far better then some family people!
— OmamaGhauri(@OmamaGhauri) May 24, 2013

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