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First Tweet of 4 Twitter Founders

We all love our 140 characters. We all love Twitter. Did you know who came up with the idea for our favorite social media site and what they tweeted at the start of it?

Let’s introduce you to them!

Meet Jack Dorsey (@jack), Evan Williams (@ev), Biz Stone (@biz) and Noah Glass (@noah). Back in 2000 and earlier, they were inspired by the SMS service where they had a character limit, and they all thought this restrain would further provide the users with confining down their ideas. (As we all do today).

So in 2006, when they did launched Twitter finally, here’s how they had initially sketched it on a paper:
twttr sketch
Photo Credit: Jack Dorsey
David Sarno who interviewed Dorsey to trace back the idea and its actualization writes in his article:

“Twitter didn’t just fly out of thin air and land on a branch. As Dorsey explains, it has conceptual roots in the world of vehicle dispatch — where cars and bikes zooming around town must constantly squawk to each other about where they are and what they’re up to. It was when Dorsey saw these systems through the eyes of the social, mobile Web, where anyone can squawk from anywhere, that Twitter’s Big Idea was born”.

So finally Twitter was made public and that’s how the quadrant tweeted about it one by one- simultaneously, and hey, do notice how they initially used 24 characters only, to kick it off:

just setting up my twttr
— Jack Dorsey (@jack) March 21, 2006

just setting up my twttr
— Biz Stone (@biz) March 21, 2006

just setting up my twttr
— noah glass (@noah) March 21, 2006

just setting up my twttr
— Evan Williams (@ev) March 21, 2006

As interesting as it could be, this micro-blogging site today has a 250 million + follower-ship and that’s the beauty of it, surely, conciseness is an art!   

Concept by @aey. Written by @HariMirchien

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