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Elections 2013: Dreams, Hopes and Reality!

11th May 2013, came as the most awaited, the most anticipated day in the life of Pakistanis. People from every walk of life came out to vote. They went to vote for justice, education, against poverty, against corruption, against crimes and for humanity. All in all everyone went to vote for Pakistan.

Since the last days of April trends like #PakVotes, #AngoothaChalao, #VoteForBat, #Elections2013, #ElectionPickUpLines, #LagaDiaAngootha and many other trends were observed, everyone had their own way to support elections. So no matter how much you hate politics, you couldn’t resist tweeting about it.

People living in Pakistan were naturally very excited but I feel for the overseas Pakistanis, who were even more excited to vote but couldn’t yet their support was commendable. Here are a few tweets showing their high spirits:

Thanna Appiya. @NewbieAround 
Please encourage people from going, be realistic, dont discourage them, bohat mushkil say yai din aaya hai. Act responsibly! #pakvotes

MAZ @Mazatlas
I wish I was in Pakistan right now. Haaye!

#IamKhan @ZainabHossain
Pakistanio! jag rahe ho? don’t fall asleep when it is most needed to be on your foot and march towards your polling station for #StampOnBat!

First Lady Samurai @japakistani
Pakistan, you make me so emotional! A standing ovation for those who were ill and handicapped who went and voted.

Roha @RohaNadym
Puri qoum sey guzarish hai kay yehi jazbaat Saturday tak qaem rakhain. Shukria
Finally came the big day, 11th may13, the day of voting! People were ready and the most appreciating point was that everyone came out to vote but unfortunately what everyone expected as free and fair, was not the case. Here are a few tweets showcasing the day’s situation:
The Troubadour @HariMirchein 
Breaking: just back from voting NA 250 Khi polling Station #129 – NO STAMPS on back of Ballot Papers, total chaotic situation

Raza @razonater 
One good thing… the young generation now clearly knows who the Na-Maloom Afraad really are! 

Safi @safiuddinrazi
Vote casted..feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! #NayaPakistan Inshallah! #PTI #tabdeeliaarahihaidosto

Sekshuwal Saein @PiruSaein
I will go again and vote with the same spirit. FUCK YOU #MQM #NA250

Nemo @UjaHashmi 
In elections se zyada fair tou Akon ka complexion hai.

NA-My Hot Neighbor @HaayeShabbir 
Although premature results, can still see a lot of seats where #PMLN is leading.

akchishti @akchishti 
Well dhandli is trademark of all political parties, they do it whereever they are strong. Blaming #MQM alone is targeting.

NA-My Hot Neighbor @HaayeShabbir 
My Amma is probably the strongest supporter of PTI. 2002 mai bhe wahid vote amma ka hee hoga #PTI ko, aur aaj phir.

jazib javed jadoon @crazyjadoon 
Bat pay thappa lagane ja raha hun o/ #NayaPakistan

Kamal Siddiqi @Tribunian 
Man carried on stretcher coming to vote. People burst out in applause

Soveyba Tayyab. @Kaghazz
Mom and dad came back home after 10 hours of waiting. yes they voted. #NA250

Aman Inam – امن @LalaLoyalist 
My dadi 75+, has swollen feet but went bare foot to caste her vote for #PTI today! Alhamdulilah. #NayaPakistan INSHALLAH. 

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi @Ali_Abbas_Zaidi 
People came out to vote amidst Taliban threats. Voters’ trend is against religious forces – Pakistan sustains..

Ahsan Haseeb @ahsanhaseeb 
Ahsan Haseeb voted Pakistan.

The Rickshaw Driver® @BawliSi 
Allah. Mere ammi abbu ki koi excitement dekh lay. :’D #PakistanZindabad #PakistanZindabad #PakistanZindabad

Talha Mehmood @talhamehmood 
At the polling station, on seeing a very long line of voters, my mother exclaimed with joy: How awesome is THIS! #LetsVote

Zoya Altaf @zoya_altaf 
My friend just called she voted for #PTI even in the presence of #MQM officials right on her head! #SayNOtoRigging #Nazimabad

NA-69 @amk 
wow, havent seen this much crowd in Bath Island ever! #karachi #elections2013 #pakistan

Basit Saleem @ArayBasit 
A senior citizen aged 80+ also came to vote.Everyone clapped! #Tabdeeli

Sara Muz/NA-253 @SaraMuzzammil
Just voted from NA 253. No rigging. No one forced me for my vote. #PTI #MQM #PakVotes #elections2013

A dil @aurAdil
A dulha with lack of Erection go straight to vote for Election. Multan is awesome.

Qirat Hamed @QiratHamed 
‘Mein teh ballay nu hi vote pauna ae, chaahe ae meri zindagi da aakhri kam howay.’ – 98 year old lady I helped at the polling station. #PTI

Fiza @fizamari 
Mqm people forced my friend’s father to cast his vote for kite. And when he resisted so they started giving him threats. #KyaBakwaasHai

Abdullah Mohiuddin @NidalM
100 years old and she made it to her polling station today. What’s your excuse? 

These tweets are not even 1% of the total tweets, each moment was being updated showing people’s excitement, anger, happiness and hopes for a better Pakistan, Quaid’s Pakistan.

The official results still awaits, till then:

The Troubadour @HariMirchein
Ya Allah jo bhi jeetey ussey Pakistan k haq main behtar bnana, ameen.

 About Author:

Fizza Malik — Enjoys writing at times and a book worm. Believes in Live, Laugh, Love:-). She tweets as @FizzaMalick.

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