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10 Funny Pakistani Tweets About Gmail Outage

On 24th January 2014, Gmail, the free mail service by Google, went down across the globe for around 50 minutes. In Pakistan, it happened at about 12:02 am. Not only was Gmail down, but also other apps of Google like Google Drive, Google Sites, Google+ Hangouts. Google voice etc. Pakistani Twitter users started tweeting about Gmail outage and some of them made jokes of Gmail and Yahoo (who tried to be smart by tweeting about Gmail outage but then apologized). 
We are sharing 10 funny tweets by Pakistani Twitter users.

So Gmail’s down. It’s not like you’re married to it. But if you were, it being down..yeah you get me,
— Noormah. (@Fegistan) January 24, 2014

Never knew gmail would ‘go down’ too.
— Naveed Ahmad Khan (@NavidAhmadKhan) January 24, 2014

Gmail is down. Chalo room se nikal k ghar walon se bhi kher kheriat pooch lete hain.
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) January 24, 2014

Tauba. #gmail na ho gai world order ho gia. #calmthefuckdown
— breen (@mehreenrana) January 24, 2014

So jab gmail will get high again will i be getting my much awaited mails ? #AchaSorry
— Arooba. (@Aibasy) January 24, 2014

It’s okay, I can live without Gmail. #SaidNoOneEver #GoogleOutage
— FurSid (@fursid) January 24, 2014

Mandatory “Gmail is Down” tweet!
— Faizan (@FaizanAhmad) January 24, 2014

I’ll tell my kids I was a part of the great gmail-down tweet spree too.
— Naveed Ahmad Khan (@NavidAhmadKhan) January 24, 2014

Yahoo’s new job is to keep an eye on Gmail. RT @Yahoo: Gmail is temporarily unavailable http://t.co/CcxbWS8mOG
— Ahsan | احسن (@aey) January 24, 2014

Gmail is back even before the Taliban could claim the responsibility of taking it down.
— Shiraz Hassan (@ShirazHassan) January 24, 2014

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