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How To Create Custom Twitter Timeline Via TweetDeck

Heard of Storify? Where you can make stories using different tweets. Just like Storify, now Twitter has introduced ‘Custom Timelines’ using TweetDeck. In custom timeline, you can control TL by selecting tweets you want to add and share that timeline via tweet or blog/website. Twittistaan will tell you how to create your own custom timelines step-by-step.

Open TweetDeck. Click on ‘Add Column’ button on right side bar. In column type, choose ‘Custom timeline’.

Name your ‘Custom Timeline’ and add a description.

How to add Tweets to Custom Timeline?
Drag that tweet by clicking on move icon and drop it in custom timeline. 

How to remove tweet from ‘Custom Timeline’?
It’s easy. Just click on the “X” icon on a Tweet in a custom timeline column and it will be removed.

Another way of adding a tweet to custom timeline is go to tweet and click ‘Add to custom timelines’ in More options. 

How to share or embed custom timeline?
Expand custom timeline column options, where you can see ‘Embed Timeline’, ‘View on twitter.com’ options. You can share URL of custom timeline by clicking on ‘Tweet about timeline’. Click on ‘View on twitter.com’. 

This is how your ‘custom timeline’ will look like on Twitter.  To embed this on your website or blog, click on ‘Embed this timeline’ in left side bar. 

Set your desired Height, Theme and Link color then create widget and paste code in HTML section of your website/blog.

You can see anyone’e ‘Custom Timelines’ via their profile on TweetDeck. 

About Author: 
Ahsan – Founder of Twittistaan. Works with Twitter as Urdu Localization Moderator. He is exploring social media at ‘Creative Chaos’. He tweets as @aey

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